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- author Jackie French

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Review: Hades: Halo Book 2

When I first opened this book and got started I thought “Not another supernatural love story!’ And as I probed further into the story I happily realised that this was not solely the case. It is a tale surrounding two young lovers, Bethany and Xavier, yet with a twist … (no, they are not vampires), Bethany is an angel, and Xavier is the type casted ordinary human.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Blog Tour - Stephen Anastasi

KBR is delighted to host author Stephen Anastasi who is visiting as part of a blog tour in promotion of his latest two releases. We hope you enjoy these reviews by Elaine Ouston - and you'll find a little more about Stephen at the end of the post.

The Runes of Ire

The Runes of Ire is the story of a present day boy who has trouble fitting in. His world is only sketchily understood by him, and in particular, it seems that he just don’t fit into this universe. He is always late, he gets G’s and H’s in class, he is monstered by bully Thatch Huddersby and his gang, and his teacher seems to like nothing more than to point out his defects in front of the class. And on top of that, his father has gone missing.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Cabin Fever

Rowley and Greg are at it again. They put up posters for their Christmas bazaar and the rain stains it onto the school walls. Greg is being considered the main culprit but he insists he's innocent.

Then, a miracle happens. The Heffley family get stuck inside the house in an angry blizzard. Greg begins to wonder if his punishment for the school vandalism crime could ever be worse than spending the winter holidays stuck inside with his family.

Jeff Kinney and his Wimpy Kid comes to Australia!

The Sydney Writer's Festival is thrilled to welcome Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series! Jeff will be appearing at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on Wednesday 16 May, as part of the SWF celebrations, and Kids Book Review is excited to announce a very special prize . . . .

Thanks to SWF, you could win a family ticket to see Jeff - and a copy of each of his Diary of Wimpy Kid books, thanks to Penguin! Stay tuned - on Monday 7 May . . . we are opening a week-long competition and you won't want to miss your chance to enter this amazing giveaway.

Also stay tuned for a review of Jeff's latest book - Cabin Fever - later on today, and in the meantime, head to the Sydney Writer's Festival website for more on the sensational events they have in store for kids and families.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

May 16, 6.30-7.30pm

Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall

Australian Wimpy Kid fans rejoice! 
Jeff Kinney will make his debut appearance in 
Australia at Sydney Writers’ Festival. 

Come and meet one of the most popular 
children's authors of all time! 

Supported by Telstra.

$20/$12 bookings: www.swf.org.au

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Review: Sister Madge's Book of Nuns

You know that laugh you get (or used to get) at school when you are not meant to laugh. Maybe the teacher has already shushed you ... but you can't help it. It has begun. The shoulders are going. The gasp for breath. Maybe there are some tears rolling now. Well, if you want that giggle again, this is the book for you.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

ANZAC Books Worth Knowing

An impressive spate of Anzac books has been released this year - perfect for kids but also important for adults. Along with some fabulous releases from the past few years, here is our pick for Anzac Books worth reading to your kids.

My Mother's Eyes: The Story of an Australian Boy Soldier by Mark Wilson (Lothian, $16.99, 9780734411914, ages 7-12)

A fifteen-year-old Australian farm boy lies about his age to enlist to war and is caught up in the horrors of World War I in Egypt and on the Western Front, where 5,500 Australian troops were lost in two days at Fromelles alone.

This boy's story in this unique, stirring picture book is based on true stories of the twenty-three teenage soldiers, one only fourteen who fought with the Australian army in World War I, as recorded at the Australian War Memorial (their names among a list of 60,000 Australian soldiers killed in that war).

The author's grandfather was a boy soldier who, unlike the hero of the book, did survive to return home. Told in the boy's own simple language and with extracts from his letters home, the story is extremely moving and evocative of the real tragedy of that worst of all wars.

Review: A Day to Remember

You know a book by Jackie French is going to be researched to the nth degree, and presented with clarity, emotion and fascination - and A Day to Remember is no exception.

Essentially covering Anzac Day - from Gallipoli to modern day - the author has written varied accounts of this important day in Australia and New Zealand's history.

Review: Don't Forget Australia

Henri doesn't care about Australia. It's so far away! And anyway, he's far more interested about what's happening in France - and is it ever huge. The war is coming. It's getting closer and closer to his village. It's the war that took his papa away - why should he care about some far off place called Australia? He has bigger things to focus on.

The time has come for Henri to leave his village. The war is too close now. Looking around at the bare wintry branches of the trees, Henri wonders if he'll ever see his village again.

Review: The Red Poppy

This book is a little unbearable.

If I tell you it’s about the moments before storming from the trenches in World War I Germany, you’d probably understand why.

The anticipation, the heart-thundering dread. Knowing you may have only moments to live . . . Counting down – ten minutes to go . . . ten minutes to go . . . two minutes to go . . . The opening pages of this book are heart-stopping – so much so, you hardly want to turn the page.

But turn it, you do -

ANZAC Day Special

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe. 

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Lest we forget.

Today, as the sun rises over our nation's capital city - 6.36am - we remember the men and women who died to keep our country free.

In honour of our fallen, we are proud to present a day of reflective book reviews.

We will remember them.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Review: A Colouring Book: Drawings by Andy Warhol

I love the foreword in this book, penned by Arthur and Teddy Edelman, founders of Edelman Leather, luxury leather designers.

It talks of a young man in Jackson Pollock shoes, a rumpled black suit, a portfolio and a shock of white hair, standing outside the office of a shoe manufacturer in the Empire State Building. It was 1953.

Keen to take their leather brand - Fleming-Joffe Ltd - into the fashion world, the Edelman brothers quickly began collaborating with Andy Warhol on their brand identity.

Monday, 23 April 2012

events: at Three Four Knock on the Door

Three Four Knock on the Door have some upcoming events both you and the kids will absolutely love, with both local and international talent. Places fill up quickly, so be sure to RSVP! Check the website for more details.

Australian Story – an illustrated timeline (free)

Saturday 28th April @ 11am

The lovely and effervescent Tania McCartney will visit the shop once again to share her beautiful new book with us. Tania will be reading her new book Australian Story – an illustrated timeline, followed by treats, goodie bags, activities and a book signing.

Dragon Keeper with Carole Wilkinson (free)

Saturday 12th May @ 11am

Carole will be joining us to read a chapter from the fourth book in the Dragon Keeper Series.

While you enjoy snack and juice, Carole will answer any questions that you have an will happily sign copies of her latest release.

Sally Rippin @ Three Four (free)

Saturday 19th May @ 11am

Come and meet the author of Billie B Brown and the new Hey Jack series.

Sally will read a chapter from one of her latest books, followed by activities , treats and juice. Sally will end the morning with a book signing.

International Author Davide Cali (free)

Monday 21st May @ 4:30pm

Celebrated international author Davide Cali is doing a whirlwind tour and we are lucky enough that he will be joining us.

He will read from his latest book 10 Little Insects, a fantastic play on an Agatha Christie classic. Davide will sign copies of his books and answer any questions that you have.

This event is aimed at children and teachers alike.

Story Time (free)

And don't miss TFKOTD's fabulous weekly story time sessions, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays @ 10am (bookings also required).

Three Four Knock on the Door
46 Nott Street, Port Melbourne, tel: 03-9645 2058

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Review: The Queen of France

Rose likes to dress up. And not just in any old outfit. She likes to be the Queen of France. She puts on her necklace, bracelets, her crown . . . and she goes to find Rose's mother - who is planting rose bushes in the garden.

The Queen of France thinks the sapling rose bushes are ugly, but Rose's mother assures the Queen they will one day be magnificent. She named her daughter Rose after this flower, after all.

Review: Queen Victoria's Underpants

Jackie French once again perfectly combines history and fabulously fun storytelling in Queen Victoria's Underpants - a tale at the tail end of one of the world's finest monarchs.

Who'd have thought Queen Victoria would have been in need of knickers and in so doing, change the course of history for women's undergarments everywhere?

Review: The Queen with the Wobbly Bottom

Our Queen is upset. She is worried her people won't love her. Why? Well, it's something to do with her nether regions, which wobble like raspberry jelly.

A notice appears on the palace wall: whomever can solve the problem of the royal wobble will be offered a thousand gold coins.

A beautician knocks on the door with a magic cream. Of course, it doesn't work (does it ever?). The reward is upped to five thousand gold coins.

Review: The Queen's Knickers

If you and your kids like wit, charm, whimsy and clever, then this delightful Nicholas Allen book is a must-read. It might even surprise you... the Queen, for example, actually wears knickers! Who’d have thought it? And not just any old knickers, either . . .

Review: My Name is Elizabeth!

Elizabeth likes her name. She likes that it's nine letters long. She also likes that a queen is named after her. Of course.

But what she doesn't like - is when people shorten her name.

Hey Liz!


What's up, Beth?

Good morning, Betsy.

Ugh. My name is ELIZA-beth! ELIZABETH Alfreda Roxanne Carmelita Bluebell Jones!

Queen's Jubilee

In celebration of the Queen's birthday and her 60-year Diamond Jubilee, we are hosting some rather Queeny book reviews for your reading pleasure today.

And next Monday, don't miss your opportunity to win a copy of Phillip Gwynne and Bruce Whatley's newest book - The Queen with the Wobbly Bottom!

Enjoy - and... happy Diamond Jubilee birthday, Liz!

Footnote: we do not, by way of association, mean to intimate that Queen Liz II of England has a wobbly bottom. We believe she most certainly does not!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Review: The Messenger Bird

Tamar is devastated by the death of her18-year-old brother Trystan in a car accident. Feeling disconnected and alone, she is overwhelmed by her grief and further distressed by the distance between herself and her parents as they each try to deal with their unbearable loss. She refuses to play the piano, ignores her friends, avoids school and even the eager attempts of her new neighbour Gavin to become friends can't break through the wall she has placed between herself and the world.

When Tamar discovers an old piece of handwritten music, she is tempted to play the piano for the first time since her brother's death. The music stirs her emotions and connects her with Nathanial, a gifted young violinist who lived in her home over a century earlier. With a shared love of music and both dealing with a similar loss, they comfort each other and find healing in the music and their unexpected friendship.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Review: Goldilocks and Just the One Bear

If the cover doesn't make you coo, the endpapers of busy buildings will definitely elicit a coo or two - and then the title page, oh my. Even the imprint page is delicious.

It's so so so so nice when a publisher allows an author/illustrator to get busy with it - I am LOVING the creativity inherent in this book, and these small, a-typical extras (like the real life baby face photo of the book's dedication recipient, wrapped up in an illustrated bear suit) do not go unnoticed.

One day, bear gets lost in the city. He doesn't much like this place - far too busy, too many bright lights and not nearly enough twigs.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Review: These are My Feet/These are My Hands

Judy Horacek knows how to make a cracking picture book. With her latest release from the National Library of Australia, you get two of Judy's books in one. Read These are My Feet and then flip the book over to enjoy These are My Hands. That's flipping great! <--- excuse the most terrible pun ... I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Event: Maurice Saxby Lecture


Presented by Professor Robyn Ewing - Professor, Teacher Education and the Arts

Tuesday 1 May 2012 
6pm for 6.30pm

The Dixson Room, State Library of New South Wales 
(Refreshments will be served at 6pm)

The Maurice Saxby Lecture recognises the contribution made to the CBCA by Dr Maurice Saxby AM, especially as first National President, and his ongoing involvement and support over more than sixty years. 

He is one of the most significant people involved in the development of children’s literature in Australia, as a highly-respected lecturer, writer, reviewer and mentor. He is recognised internationally as an authority on children’s literature. 

In recognition of his achievements, Maurice was granted life membership of the CBCA NSW Branch, also a CBCA National Citation. Among his many other awards are the Nan Chauncy Award (2002), the Lady Cutler Award (1989), the Dromkeen Medal (1983), and, in 1995, Member in the Order of Australia (AM). 

The Maurice Saxby Lecture will continue the tradition of education about Australian children’s literature, established so brilliantly by Maurice Saxby. 

Bookings are essential. To book, and for more information, head to the CBCA website.

Review: Oakies Outback Adventures Series

This series of five books are works adapted from our great Australian classics: The Man from Snowy River, Waltzing Matilda, A Bush Christening, Mulga Bill’s Bicycle and The Loaded Dog.

Troy Dann uses quirky computer generated images to make timeless stories accessible to children by creating a weird twist. While the original text remains largely untouched, the visuals create a whole new world. As a result, these tales will never be the same.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Writer's Quilt Workshop with author Katrina Germein - THE WINNER!

A message from author Katrina Germein . . .

Guess what? It seems that most of us write for the very same reason - because life feels better when we do.

I’ve had a great time reading the entries for the Writer's Quilt Workshop giveaway. Thank you to everyone who shared a small part of their self with Tania and me this week. The responses were fabulous - funny, heart-warming and clever, but... if you went over 25 words you were disqualified. (Sorry!)

We were seeking the most creative entry and I’ve had a terribly difficult time choosing between my shortlist of three. Each entry was very different in style. Finally, I’ve settled on this response from Penny.

Stories bump and jump like possums in the night.

I get out of bed

to let them down

onto paper

and then I can sleep.

Congratulations Penny and thank you hugs to everyone who entered.

Katrina x

Thanks so much to Katrina for offering this amazing prize to our readers - and congratulations Penny! Thanks, also, to everyone who entered - and remember, if you missed out, there are a few spots available in Katrina's next Writer's Quilt Workshop on 14 May. Contact Katrina on kgermein@gmail.com for more details, or visit the Writer's Quilt website - thewritersquilt.wordpress.com

9th Kathleen Julia Bates Memorial Writing Competition: POETRY

For Australian writers only, this competition is for a poem suitable for a child aged 5 to 8 years. All entries are to have a separate title page with full contact details and to include a SSAE for results. Entrants will also receive a score sheet.

Entry fee $10 per poem: money order or cheque payable to Di Bates. Payment can be made online c- dibates@pacific.net.au but no email entries, thank you.

Prizes are $150 first prize, $100 for second prize and $50 for third prize plus certificates for winners and short-listed entries. Winning and commended entries might be chosen for inclusion in an anthology, with payment made as well by a major publisher.

Entries must be received 13 July.

Results announced in Buzz Words (All the Buzz about Children’s Books) www.buzzwordsmagazine.com

Send entries to Di Bates, PO Box 2116, Woonona East NSW 2517

Indigenous Literacy Foundation - get involved

Can you imagine not being able to read a newspaper, a road sign or directions on a bottle of medication? Sadly, this is a reality faced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living in remote communities today.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) aims to raise literacy levels and improve the lives and opportunities of Indigenous Australians living in remote and isolated regions.

This is done by providing books and literacy resources to Indigenous communities and raising broad community awareness of Indigenous literacy issues.

Indigenous Literacy Day 

On 5 September 2012, everyone is invited to participate in the sixth Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD).

This important day aims to help raise funds to raise literacy levels and improve the lives and opportunities of Indigenous Australians living in remote and isolated regions. They need your support to help raise funds to buy books and literacy resources for these communities.
  • Events and fundraisers are held across Australia.
  • Participating publishers donate 5% (or more) of their takings from their invoices on ILD.
  • Participating booksellers donate 5% (or more) of their takings from sales on ILD.
  • Participating schools host The Great Book Swap Challenge and other fundraising activities.
  • Participating businesses, clubs and organisations host The Great Book Swap Challenge and other fundraising activities.
  • Across Australia people attend ILD events including local Great Book Swaps, purchase books at participating bookshops or organise their own private fundraising literary lunches and morning teas. 
  • People everywhere pause to read to support Indigenous literacy.
Get involved! or donate today.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

ebook Review: The Artifacts

Once there was a boy who loved to collect. 

Asaf is a collector of 'fine art' and 'precious antiques'. Well, actually, he's an amasser of junk. Old, stuffed monkeys, rusting trophies. Bric-a-brac, trash that is treasure. He loves to 'recycle' and collect all the junk others throw out.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Events: Unicorn Riders creative writing & craft parties

Hosted by the Unicorn Riders series author, Aleesah Darlison

Coming to a bookstore near you these April School Holidays

Festivities include:
Create and Draw Your Own Unicorn Rider, Make Your Own Unicorn Horn Craft Activity, Nail Art, Book Readings, Book Sales and Signings plus LOADS of giveaways.

Dates and Locations:

10am - 11:30am, Wednesday 18 April
69 Beaumont Street, 
Hamilton (Newcastle, NSW)
Phone: 02 4969 2525

2pm-3:30pm, Wednesday 18 April
25 The Boulevarde, 
Toronto (Newcastle, NSW)
Phone: 02  4959 2550

10am-11:30am, Friday 20 April
Shop 111, Level 1, Hyperdome Shopping Centre, 
Anketell Street, Tuggeranong (ACT)
Phone: 02 6293 9055

2:30pm-4pm, Friday 20 April
Shop 159/160 Westfield Shopping Centre, 
Belconnen (ACT)
Phone: 02 6251 2850

Please RSVP directly to the store you wish to visit

Recommended for children between 5 and 10 years of age

Review: Kick it to Me

In 1846, 10-year-old Tom Wills was living in Moyston in the Gariwerd Grampions near an indigenous tribe called the Djab Wurrung. Befriended by the local children, Tom learned their language and joined in their games of Marn-grook football.

These childhood years laid the foundation for a passionate interest in sport and a belief that Australia could have its own football code. In 1858 Wills wrote a letter to a local Victorian newspaper suggesting that a football club be formed. He went on to become the first hero of Australian Rules and one of the most influential figures in the game, helping to form the rules, officiate, administrate and play the game.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Review: Carpet

I am Carpet. This is my story.

A carpet biography? A fascinating concept indeed. From its humble beginnings, being knotted together with little fingers, right through its many incarnations with many different people, this is a truly imaginative record of an inanimate object, with plenty of life and plenty of heart.

Meyer has created a story woven as beautifully as the richly-coloured carpet in her images. Originating in the 'orient', the carpet leaves Mr Cadry's shop and goes to live with Dr and Mrs Divine. There, the carpet experiences many a divine soirée including dinners, dances, births and . . . death.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review: Where's Tumpty?

This book is perfection. Perfect children's literature. Polly Dunbar is the kind of amazing author that makes storytelling look simple. She finds the right words and makes them work.

There are six books in the Tilly and Friends series with each book featuring one of the characters.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Review: Murgatroyd's Garden

Vivid memories of the boy who refused to have his hair washed bubbled to the surface at the mention of Murgatroyd's Garden. This re-release is a classic to be treasured, especially by anyone whose children protest at bath or shower time.

An entire district is paralysed by Murgatroyd's screams at shampoo time.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Review: The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Tale

We have all seen the delicious chocolate Easter bilbies on the shelves around Easter, but do you know how the concept of the Australian Easter Bilby came about?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Review: Dear Bunny: Doodles for Easter

If you are looking for a stylish way to keep the kids entertained this Easter, then this is the activity book for you. Beautifully made and at very cheap price point it will make both parents and kids happy campers.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Review: Happy Easter Maisy!

This is another delightful book to add to your collection if your child is already a fan of Maisy.

Happy Easter Maisy! is a great introduction to Easter traditions and highlights the joy Easter can bring when you enjoy these traditions with your friends.

Review: The Great Big Aussie Easter Egg Hunt

From the eggy endpapers to the free CD with some fabulous Eastery tunes, this is another iconic Colin Buchanan book that celebrates this special time of the year.

With lolloping rhyming text, we follow a band of Aussie critters as they navigate the national terrain, from the sands of Uluru, through Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef, down through Melbourne and the forests of Tasmania to the tippety top of the Snowy Mountains.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: Show Day

It's Show Day! The whole family is excited that the big day is finally here after weeks of preparation. The kids have pets to enter in the pet show, Princess Marigold the cow is to be entered in the Best Heifer competition, Dad has made marmelade and Mum has baked.

With wood chopping, giant pumpkins, grumpy roosters and a cow who refuses to put her best foot forward, Show Day captures all the excitement and variety of a country show. For young readers who might be more familiar with the larger city events, Show Day highlights the sense of community and participation that plays such a large part of a typical rural show.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review: Lily and the Fairy House

Einstein once said: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

CBCA Book of the Year 2012 Short List Announced!

It's been announced! The CBCA Book of the Year 2012 is here. Congratulations to everyone nominated, and to all those who are enjoying a Notable Book nod and Chrichton Award for New Illustrators shortlisting.

Older Readers Short List 2012
Author Title Publisher
Bauer, Michael Gerard Ishmael and the Hoops of Steel Omnibus Books, Scholastic Australia
Condon, Bill A Straight Line to my Heart Allen & Unwin
Ursula Dubosarsky The Golden Day Allen & Unwin
Gardner, Scot The Dead I Know Allen & Unwin
McGahan, Andrew Ship Kings: The Coming of the Whirlpool Allen & Unwin
Newton, Robert When We Were Two Penguin Books, Penguin Group (Australia)

Younger Readers Short List 2012
Author Title Publisher
Constable, Kate Crow Country Allen & Unwin
Flanagan, John Brotherband: The Outcasts Random House Australia
French, Jackie Nanberry: Black Brother White Angus & Robertson Harper Collins Publishers
Green, Susan The Truth About Verity Sparks Walker Books Australia
Rodda, Emily The Golden Door Omnibus Books, Scholastic Australia
Rodda, Emily Bungawitta Omnibus Books, Scholastic Australia

Early Childhood Short List 2012
Author Title Publisher
Bland, Nick
Ill. Freya Blackwood
The Runaway Hug Scholastic Press, Scholastic Australia
Hartnett, Sonya
Ill. Lucia Masciullo
Come Down, Cat! Puffin Books, Penguin Group (Australia)
Honey, Elizabeth That’s Not a Daffodil! Allen & Unwin
Jorgensen, Norman
Ill. James Foley
The Last Viking Fremantle Press
McKinlay, Meg
Ill. Leila Rudge
No Bears Walker Books Australia
Quay, Emma Rudie Nudie ABC Books, HarperCollins

Picture Book Short List 2012
Illustrator Title Publisher
Blackwood, Freya
Text. Libby Gleeson
Look, a Book! Little Hare Books, Hardie Grant Egmont
Brooks, Ron
Text. Margaret Wild
The Dream of the Thylacine Allen & Unwin
Cool, Rebecca
Text. Glenda Millard
For All Creatures Walker Books Australia
Graham, Bob A Bus Called Heaven Walker Books
Rudge, Leila
Text. Meg McKinlay
No Bears Walker Books Australia
Whatley, Bruce
Text. Jackie French
Flood Scholastic Press, Scholastic Australia

Eve Pownall Award for Information Books Short list 2012
Author Title Publisher
Do, Anh & Do, Suzanne
Ill. Bruce Whatley
The Little Refugee Allen & Unwin
Lester, Alison & Tulloch, Coral One Small Island: The Story of Macquarie Island Penguin Group (Australia)
Queensland Art Gallery Surrealism for Kids Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art
Wignell, Edel
Ill. Mark Jackson
Bilby Secrets Walker Books Australia
Wilkinson, Carole Fromelles: Australia's Bloodiest Day at War Black Dog Books

Wheatley, Nadia (Ed)
Ill. Ken Searle
Playground Allen & Unwin

Review: Marngrook

There's something to be said for synchronicity. This past year, I've reviewed a major spate of books that cover virtually identical themes - and the surprise here is that they are usually on quite obscure themes or singular occurences that are not very well known. Spooky.

Blame it on the zeitgeist - but having just reviewed Neridah McMullen's  Kick It To Me - about Tom Wills and his experience with marngrook with Indigenous children in the mid-1800s - I was eyeboggled to see this new book from the good people at Magabala Press - Marngrook, which also covers the fascinating origins of Australian Rules Football.