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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Big Changes at KBR

Things have kind of grown at Kids Book Review, since founder Tania McCartney created a humble little kids' book blog in order to satisfy her love of picture books. KBR has morphed into a glorious hub for all things kid lit - from board books to YA.

Many people along the way have made this site what it is today. We are proud to be well over the 1 million hits mark, and our monthly hits continue to grow. Running the site has been a lot of work and all of it has been done voluntarily, with a pure love of - and passion for - children's books.

Like all things in life, however, things must change, and we have some big changes to announce at KBR. These are bittersweet changes but are positive for all involved. Sometimes you know when things are just 'right' - even if they hurt a little.

So - today we lose the glorious presence of KBR partner Kelly Morton, who is now heavily ensconced in a pretty fabulous and all-consuming publishing role (congrats, Kelly!). KBR would not be the site it is without Kelly and her input and dedication. She will be so so very missed but we know this move it right for her.

Secondly, Tania McCartney will be stepping down as Managing Editor of the site to make way for the ├╝ber talented Susan Whelan, who has taken KBR firmly under her wing of late, and has brought such creativity, dedication and beautiful writing to the site.

Tania is committing herself more fully to her career as an author, but she will still stay on part-time at KBR, mostly doing the odd review. From now on, your main Creator for the site will be Susan, so you can continue to expect fabulous content and the very best books - with perhaps a few new bits and bobs - in 2013. Susan is also busily working on a BIG SURPRISE for KBR followers, which will be revealed later this year - you won't want to miss it!

Lastly, we are officially putting a call out for a new partner (ie: reviewer/contributor) for KBR. If you are interested in learning more about this position, please do send an email to Tania for an info pack which has all the details. The position is available to people based in Australia.

We absolutely love what we do at KBR - but times, they are a changing. We hope the one thing that doesn't change is the presence of our gorgeous readers.

Happy reading, everyone!


  1. I have no words for how much I will miss being a part of this fabulous website. No words for how much I will miss the beautiful women who run this site.

    All I can say is, thank you.

  2. Kel, we will miss you so dearly. Thank you for you and all that you do. xx

  3. A bittersweet day for us all. Can't wait to see what amazing things are ahead after this momentous start to the year. xxx


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