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Monday, 1 July 2013

THE WINNERS! KBR Unpublished Picture Book Manuscript Award 2013


We are thrilled to announce the winners in our 2013 Unpublished Manuscript Award for a Picture Book! Judging is a tough process but after much collaboration, we are proud to announce our winners. Biggest congratulations go to ...


Where Do Odd Socks Go? by Belinda Landsberry

Congratulations, Belinda! You have won $300, a KBR manuscript appraisal and the chance to have your work viewed by Sue Whiting, Publishing Manager at Walker Books Australia!


Oomi by Michelle Lewry


Too Plain by Ken Williams

Congratulations, Michelle and Ken! You have both won $100 and a KBR manuscript appraisal.

Highly Commended:

Highly commended stories are those entries with near-runner-up scores. These entries were viewed most highly by our judging team. They are stories that are virtually ready for publisher submission - and we do hope to see them in print one day!

Congratulations to:

The Fix-it Man by Dimity Powell
Aunt Adelaide’s Underpants by Belinda Landsberry
Great Grandmother’s Walking Stick by Sarah Taylor
Annabel Dances her Dance by Diane Jackson Hill
Anzac Ted by Belinda Landsberry
Gertie is a Grot by R.J. Timmis
Dinner with the Dipples by Annette Campbell
Yuck! That's Not Rain! by Ramona Davey
Bubble Bath by Owen Roberts
Hairy Fairy by Belinda Landsberry
How to Mend a Broken Heart by Claire Chadwick
Miss Scarlet Learns an Aussie Dance by Kathryn England
Ballerina! Where are you? by Adam Wallace
Cyclone Tim by Jeanette Giroud
One Dragon, One Spot by Val Neubecker

Special Mentions:

Some of our judges have requested to nominate a story that resonated with them in some way. These stories may not have received the highest overall score (and some may have a little more work to do), but the judges were very impressed with the concept, style, author voice, or all three.

These Special Mention awards go to:

That's Not a Windy Day Hat! by Wendy Bridges
Hairy Henry Goes to School by Ken Williams
Penny Perfect and the Lost Imagination by Kris Young
Grumblelot by Carol Sherritt
Lily and Claude by Marcelle Holliday
Bollinger Blows Up by Rebecca Colless
A Sound of Music by Jean Gillespie

Thank you to everyone who sent in their precious manuscripts.  

Feedback Sheets:
Feedback sheets will be emailed by 15 July. Please do be in touch with us if you haven't received yours by that date. Send an email to KBRaward(AT)kids-bookreview.com or message us on our facebook page.

We have so enjoyed the glorious calibre of entries for this competition, and we can't wait for next year when we can do it all again.

Special thanks to Sue Whiting and Walker Books, to our glorious judges who worked SO hard, and to all the wonderful people, especially our state Writers' Centres, Jackie Hosking of Pass It On and Vicki Stanton of Buzz Words, who have supported our Award - we so appreciate it.

Congrats again to our winners, and . . . happy writing! See you again next year when we will open an international component to our Award!