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Monday, 30 September 2013

Event: The Bouncing Ball Book Launch

This morning I was fortunate to be able to attend the book launch for Deborah Kelly’s debut picture book, The Bouncing Ball. There have been so many launches and bookish events recently held in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, I was pleased to finally have an event happening practically on my doorstep here in Newcastle.

It was wonderful to see an enthusiastic crowd at the library to help Deborah celebrate the launch of her delightful picture book. The children crowded around as Deborah read the story, a simple tale following the adventures (and misadventures) of a bouncing ball, illustrated in vibrant colours by Georgia Perry.

The fun included balloons, bouncing balls and a wonderful chocolate cake to share.

There is something very special about a group of people, young and young-at-heart, gathering to celebrate the arrival of a new book. It was wonderful to see the sense of excitement on the faces of the children as Deborah opened the covers for the first time and shared her story, to see them drawn into the story and anticipating what might come next.

This is what I love about books and writing. Events such as The Bouncing Ball book launch offer opportunities to use books to build a sense of excitement about reading and storytelling as well as building a sense of community. Books connect people – with ideas, with emotions and with each other – and that is an amazing thing and certainly something worth celebrating.

We’ll be featuring a review of The Bouncing Ball soon. The book is published by Random House and is available now in all good bookstores and online. You can find out more about Deborah at her website, or listen to Deborah discuss The Bouncing Ball here on YouTube.

- Susan Whelan

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