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Friday, 29 November 2013

KBR Short Story: The Yellow Brick Road

by Belinda Lee Draper

Mindy stomped along the Yellow Brick Road, making sure to stomp especially hard on the cracks.

She was so sick of being told she was too young to do anything fun. Her older sister, Dorothy, was off on an exciting adventure but she’d sent Mindy home when she’d spotted her trailing them.

“Go home, Mindy. You’re too young to come on an adventure!” Dorothy’s face frowned. “The Emerald City is simply too far for your little legs.”

No matter how she’d begged and pleaded, Dorothy and her new friends had simply turned their backs and walked off. Fine! That old scarecrow smelled anyway, the tin man squeaked and the lion looked like he’d been attacked by moths.

Now she wandered slowly along the Yellow Brick Road, its golden glow showing the way home.

She scowled when the first drops of rain started falling. Great. Now she’d get wet as well.

The rain fell harder and harder, until she was soaked through and water dripped from her plaits like twin waterfalls.

Her eyes widened as she noticed the yellow bricks slowly losing their golden sheen. The rain was washing away the yellow, turning the Yellow Brick Road into just an ordinary road.

When she reached a crossroads she came to a halt. Her road looked like all the others that criss-crossed over it … boring old grey bricks stretching off in every direction.

Swallowing nervously, she tried not to panic. What would Dorothy do?

She closed her eyes and made a wish. “Please, Great Wizard of Oz, help me find the true path home.”

Opening her eyes, she gasped at the sight of beautiful golden sunflowers lining one of the roads and stretching off into the distance.

It worked! Maybe she was too young for Dorothy’s big adventure, but the Great Wizard himself thought she deserved an adventure of her own.

Wait until Aunty Em heard about this! And wouldn’t she have a story to tell Dorothy when she returned from the Emerald City.

The rain gave way to sunshine and the bees buzzed lazily in the sunflowers as Mindy skipped her way home.

Belinda Lee Draper is a Sustainability Teacher, environmentalist and writer. She lives in Darwin but you can find her blog online.

KBR Short Stories are a way to get your work ‘out there’—and to delight our KBR readers. Stories are set to a monthly theme and entries are due in the 25th of each month. Find out more here.

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