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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Advertise with KBR!

Want to get your website or book seen for a fantastic rate?

With as many as 80K hits every month, and a hugely book-loving audience comprising parents, grandparents, authors, illustrators, publishers, distributors, children's book industry gatekeepers, bookstores and kids themselves, KBR is the place to be seen.

We are a respected part of the children's book industry, particularly in Australia and our reviews and site have a consistently high rating in Google rankings.

We are a reliable source of great reviews from experienced industry players and we also provide fantastic resources for creators, who frequent the site, along with their publishers, editors and distributors. We are thrilled to say that many bookstores are now relying on KBR for guidance on their book stock.

Not only that, we have an extremely active Facebook page (3387 likers) and Twitter account (2650 followers) and each of our team members is extremely proactive in the industry. We have dozens upon dozens of friends and supporters who feature our logo on their sites. We also feature regularly in Pass it On and Buzz Words industry e-zines.

If you would like to get your site or book seen, see below for our packages.

All ads and links must be approved by us and must be children's book-related. We do not take ads for apps.

Book Buzz

Our new Book Buzz section features in the right-hand side column of the website. You can have a book cover here with a direct link to the book for just AU$80 a month. That is phenomenal value for the exposure it will receive. Please note this is for a book cover ONLY.

Anyone - publishers, bookstores, publicists and authors or illustrators themselves - can  take out this ad and there is no monthly minimum. It is payable in advance and runs by calendar month, from the 1st of each month. We regret we can't run book covers part way through the month. February and 30-day months will kick over into the next month to make up 31 days in total.

Business Logo or Ad

For online and bricks + mortar businesses or publishers, we offer a side column ad with a direct link to your site for AU$180 a month, three months minimum and payable in advance. This runs for three calendar months and is renewable in blocks of three months from then on in.

The ad can be a business logo or a specific ad created by you (and approved by us).

Event Ads

We also offer ads to promote your book launch, tour or other event. These are also a sidebar ad and so are best almost square. These are AU$50 for a one-off event and can run up to three weeks in advance of the event. They will be removed once the event is over.

How to Place an Ad

  • Send your ad to Susan within 48 hours of the start of the month you would like to advertise in.
  • Provide the appropriate link you wish to connect the ad with.
  • Payment will need to be sent at the same time (more info below).

Check the side columns on our site to see how the width of the ad would appear. Ads can be rectangular or square, and should be as wide as 215px but no deeper than 220px.

All ads and links must be approved for appropriate content before acceptance.

It is up to the advertiser to provide content on time when placing multiple/ongoing ads. We regret we cannot manage this for you, nor send reminders. Ads should be with us within 48 hours of the start of the month you wish to advertise in.

A NOTE ON ANALYTICS: We are unable to provide clicks stats, impressions or analytics for advertisers. Once viewers click away from our site, we have no way of tracking performance to external links. Your own site/host platform would be able to provide that information for you.

Please contact Susan if you have any further questions. 


We prefer payments by Paypal, but payment by bank deposit can be arranged if needed. Please contact Susan for further details.

Your Paypal receipt serves as your tax invoice. Please contact Susan if you another type of require an invoice or receipt.

Important Note

We don't accept enquiries or offers for Click to Earn schemes.

All ads and links must be approved by us and must be children's book-related.

Please don't contact us if you are a nannying, gaming, gambling, travel, bouncy castles or any other business or site that does NOT relate to children's books or book creator resources.

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