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Following is a list of fabulous interviews with a cavalcade of amazing literary talent, from world-renowned authors and illustrators to local talent, plus publishers, editors and literary specialists.

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Deborah Abela, author
Meredith Alexander, Milk + Bookies founder
Felice Arena, author/illustrator
Asphyxia, author/creator

Valerie Baartz, librarian and early childhood blogger
Jeannie Baker, author/illustrator
Grahame Baker Smith, author/illustrator
AJ Betts, author
AJ Betts on Zac and Mia
Chelsea Boulding, author

Rachel Boult, author/illustrator
Anna Branford, author

Meg Cabot, author
Davide Cali, author
Isobelle Carmody, author
Peter Carnavas, author/illustrator
Nicola Chait, author/illustrator
Dallas Clayton, author/illustrator
Steve Cole, author
Paul Collins, author/publisher
Kate Constable, author
Maree Coote, author/illustrator
Moira Court, illustrator
Tania Cox, author
Laurine Croasdale, author
Cath Crowley, author
Teresa Culkin-Lawrence, author/illustrator

Andrew Daddo, author
Aleesah Darlison, author
Leanne Davidson, author
Tony Davis, author
Sue DeGennaro, author/illusatrator
Ursula Dubosarsky, author

Hazel Edwards, author

J.E. Fison, author
Kate Forsyth, author
Julie Fortenberry, illustrator
Lee Fox, author
Jackie French, author (2009 interview)
Jackie French, author (2011 interview)
Jackie French on Refuge
Louise Fulton Keats, author
Sandy Fussell, author

Susanne Gervay, author
Morris Gleitzman, author
Jane Godwin, author/publisher
Robin Gold, author
Gus Gordon, author/illustrator
Emily Gravett, author/illustrator
DC Green, author
Andy Griffiths, author
Andy Griffiths on The Reading Hour
Sheryl Gwyther, author

Dave Hackett, author/illustrator
Dave Hackett, author/illustrator, on Father's Day
Angela Hall, Bug in a Book
Margaret Hamilton, AM, publisher
Christine Harris, author
David Harris, author
Lewis Harris, author
Jacqueline Harvey, author
Roland Harvey, author/illustrator
Roland Harvey, author/illustrator, on Father's Day
Jack Heath, author
Jack Heath, interviewed by Irma Gold (video)
Nette Hilton, author
Lisa Hollier, author
Jackie Hosking, PIO editor
Kate Hunter, author

Ink Robin, ebook publishing team
George Ivanoff, author, on Father's Day

Mo Johnson, author
Ingrid Jonach, author
Andrew Joyner, author/illustrator
Andrew Joyner, author/illustrator, on Father's Day

Amie Kaufman, author
Laurie Keller, author/illustrator
Deborah Kelly, author
Meghan Killeen, author/illustrator
Mimi King, author

Kim Kane, author
Dub Leffler, author/illustrator
Alison Lester, author/illustrator
Alison Lester (with Monty Pryor)
Tom Lintern, illustrator
Nina Lim, author and ebook publisher

Peter Macinnis, author
Doug MacLeod, author
Sophie Masson, author
Christobel Mattingley, author
Jill McDougall, author
Bob McLeod, author/illustrator
Neridah McMullin, author
Felicity Marshall, author/illustrator
Sophie Masson, author
Foz Meadows, author
Elizabeth Mellor, author
Margaret Merry, author/illustrator
Chrissie Michaels, author
David Miller, author/illustrator
David Miller, author/illustrator, on Father's Day
Angela Mitchell, author
Trace Moroney, author/illustrator
Sally Murphy, author
Belinda Murrell, author
Marianne Musgrove, author

Rebecca Newman, editor of Alphabet Soup
Marc Tyler Nobleman, author
Sue North, co-founder of the International Year of Reading

Elaine Ouston, author

Lenny Pelling, author/illustrator
Izy Penguin, author
Monty Pryor, author (with Alison Lester)
Sarah Pye, author

Sally Rippin, author/illustrator
Jo Rivard, from children's ebook producer Ink Robin
Tracey Roper, illustrator
Helen Ross, author
Jeannette Rowe, author

Lena Sjöberg, author/illustrator
Craig Smith, author
S.Smith, author/illustrator
Vicki Stanton, editor of Buzz Words magazine
Susan Stephenson, blogger and children's literature aficionado

Shane Thamm, author, on Father's Day
Clancy Tucker, author

Adam Wallace, author
Gabrielle Wang, author
Anne Ward, creator of http://www.miroslavsasek.com/
Chris Wardle, author
Amy Watson, children's early childhood literature specialist and blogger
Frances Watts, author
Nadia Wheatley, author
Dee White, author
Margaret Wild, author
Fiona Wood, author
Melissa Wray, author

Claire Zorn, author