Thursday 16 February 2012

ebook Review: The Pirate Koostoe

Young Koostoe wants to be a pirate because - of course - they can do whatever they want . . . and the best part about being a pirate is that they get to search for treasure.

Koostoe's friends don't think being a pirate is fun - they steal, they plunder - they're not very warm and friendly, but Koostoe is convinced that a pirate life is best. Seeing as though he doesn't have a ship, Koostoe tries to pirate on land. But that doesn't go very well.

He needs a ship - but will his search for the perfect vessel end in disaster?

Although this is an ebook rather than an app, a small overload of text on the same image and a lack of interactivity may frustrate young readers. The story is also very moralistic and has a somewhat predictable plot and schmaltzy ending about treasure being found in the heart.

Nonetheless, if hefty morals don't bother you (as they do most children), this book is beautifully produced, with stunning illustrations. The book could be used effectively in a school setting or for home schooling, given its discussion questions at the end.

The Pirate Koostoe is published by Midlandia Press and is available on iTunes for $2.99