Monday 25 September 2023

Review: Granbad

Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reason.

In this funny picture book adventure, sibling protagonists introduce us to their grandad, who they affectionately call Granbad?

Why? Because Granbad likes to break the rules. He eats the wrong things. He doesn’t listen to his doctors, and he’ll do whatever it takes to save the forests and the greater gliders who live there.

And I mean anything!

The kids tag along on a protest march to help. They do their best to tell the politicians why it’s so important to protect the gliders’ habitat. But when the protest doesn’t work, Granbad takes matters into his own hands to stop the bulldozers from destroying the forest once and for all.

Granbad is a fun picture book about caring for our animals and the environment. It’s also about breaking the rules, which kids are going to love.

The story is a great conversation starter about environment conservation, and the back of the book provides kids with details about the troubles facing gliders so they can learn more about the problem. It’s an important message wrapped in humour and heart.

I love how Penny Tangey shines a loving light on grandads and the special role they play in a kids’ world. Grandads are for breaking rules, sharing too many lolly snakes and letting kids stay up too late. I think most of us could probably look at our own grandads and see a little ‘granbad’ in them too, and that’s the way it should be.

With glorious illustrations from talented illustrator Peter Baldwin, Granbad is also a visual adventure as well as a written one. Earthy greens and browns are a key feature on the pages, with pops of colour throughout. Baldwin has a sketchbook like style, but he’s also infused multimedia into the book with photographic details added here and there. I’m drawn to Baldwin’s illustrations. They're super funky, and the detail he adds makes the book so fun to explore.

Celebrate grandads and spread the word about habitat destruction with Granbad.

Title: Granbad
Author: Penny Tangey
Illustrator: Peter Baldwin
Publisher: UQP, $24.99
Publication Date: 1 August 2023
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780702266232
For ages:  4 - 7
Type: Picture Book