Wednesday 27 September 2023

Review: The Isabelle Stories Vol. 2 - Hurry Up, Harry

The Isabelle Stories are a delightful look into Isabelle’s life in chapters. It is compiled of four stories that show the importance of little things in life.

Sleeping Over - Isabelle loves Year 2. With her best friends, Harry and Izzy, she is looking forward to a new teacher and new experiences. 

The first is the school sleepover.

There is a list of necessary things to pack, and choices to make about which favourite toy will accompany them. 

Coloured hairspray and glitter is also involved. 

So are sleeping bags.

Away from home for the first time is making Isabelle feel uncomfortable and she can’t understand why. 

Izzy too, is not herself. Will the sleepover turn out to be what the friends expected?

Forest School is a favourite of all the Year 2’s. The children are free to examine nature and draw the things they discover. There are no interruptions to outdoor play regardless of the weather.

The view from the tree is perfect but has its dangers as well.

News and Views is Monday morning’s show and tell. Isabelle’s Aunty Saf surprises the class, while Harry shocks Isabelle with his announcement. She must come to terms with this unexpected change.

The last of the four stories is Harry and the Isobels. Harry leaves his pet stick insect for Isabelle to look after when he goes away. She does everything he told her too, but she still has some concerns. She misses Harry, and at times is alone for Izzy has another friend.

Izzy is asked to sing at the school concert and friendships are tested. A great surprise awaits Isabelle and she is faced with another ending.

This is the second chapter book in a series with themes of friendship, change and adjustments faced when growing up. 

The fantastic illustrations in the correspondence, and lists, are made up of images and letters replacing words. This activity is fun to work out. A clever device, it adds another dimension to the stories.

Title: The Isabelle Stories Vol. 2
Author: Jane Godwin
Illustrator: Robin Cowcher
Publisher: Hachette ,$14.99
Publication Date: 30 August 2023
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780734421616
For ages: 6 – 10
Type: Junior Fiction