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Thursday 16 May 2024

Review: Mini & Milo: Elephants Can't Jump

Elephants Can't Jump
is the third book in the Mini & Milo series written by Venita Dimos and illustrated by Natashia Curtin.

As the tagline says, the stories are about 'Big skills for mini people' and are just right for explaining key concepts to young children.

In Elephants Can't Jump Mini the elephant is upset when she is given the gift of a trampoline. 

Mini's animal friends can all bounce on the trampoline, but doesn't everyone know that elephants can't jump? The problem is that Mini doesn't want to talk about why she's upset.

The next day Mini is invited to play hopscotch, but that involves jumping, too. Elephants can't jump! Why doesn't anyone understand what's wrong?

Mini finds it easier to hide from her friends instead of talking. She hides behind things and runs home when she encounters Milo. If Mini won't talk to Milo, how will he ever know what's the matter? 

It takes a while, but eventually Mini learns that communication is better than avoidance.

Appealing animal characters paired with stories about important life skills makes the Mini & Milo series pitch perfect. They're a great prompt for discussion, but can also be read for pure enjoyment.

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Title: Mini & Milo: Elephants Can't Jump
Author: Venita Dimos
Illustrator: Natashia Curtin
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, $25.99
Publication Date: March 2024
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760656140
For ages: 4+
Type: Picture Book