'The best books, reviewed with insight and charm, but without compromise.'
- author Jackie French


Kids' Book Review is a 100% voluntary children’s literature and book review site that supports and features authors, illustrators and publishers Australia-wide and internationally.

Founded by Australian author/illustrator, Tania McCartney in 2009, it is run by a small team of women who have decades of experience in the children's book industry, with roles such as author, publisher, editor, illustrator, bookseller, blogger, book designer, typesetter, speech pathologist, teacher, librarian, children's literature academic, psychologist, early childhood educator, IT techie, digital content creator, magazine editor and columnist, education specialist, mother and book lover.

We cover news, reviews, interviews, articles, guest posts, events, specialist literacy articles and much more, attracting readers from all over the world including teachers, librarians, industry professionals, and of course - parents and kids.

KBR consistently falls into the top 700,000 - 900,000 websites worldwide (Alexa), and has over 600 referring domains, with a PR Quality listed as 'strong'. It frequently ranks #1 in a Google search for 'reviews, books, kids, children's books' and was ranked no. 23 in the Top 100 Review sites worldwide in October 2016. In December 2017, KBR was honoured as the world's #1 kidlit site by Feedspot. We achieve an average of around 80,000 hits per month, with a peak of 249,395 for the month of November, 2017, and we are proud to be one of the most respected literary sites on the web. As of September 2023 KBR is ranked #2 in the top 25 Best Australian Children's Book Blogs and Websites by Feedspot a honor we humbly attribute to our dedicated team of reviewers and contributors.

We receive books from major Australian publishers, indie publishers and international publishers for review, and we use our considerable social networking skills to further promote and enhance any book appearance on KBR. People from all walks of life rely on KBR when making their bookish decisions, from parents, grandparents and carers to booksellers and government and literature organisations.

For more information on our review policy see POLICY.

The Team
Kids' Book Review is run by a literary line-up of seriously book-loving Australian women, with contributions, over the years, from a number of other wonderful book-addicts. Keep reading to learn more about us, and see our CONTACT page for contact/book review details.

Tania McCartney
KBR Founder
Tania is an author, illustrator, designer and editor of over 35 years' experience, with around 65 books in print, published in 20+ countries. An experienced magazine editor/writer and independent publisher, she has an unholy addiction to picture books. Tania's creations include This is Home (a collaboration with Jackie French for the National Library of Australia), the multi-award-winning Fauna: Australia's Most Curious Creatures (National Library of Australia), junior fiction series Evie and Pog (HarperCollins),  I Heart the World (Hardie Grant Explore), the multi-territory Plume picture book series (Hardie Grant Explore) and Wildlife Compendium of the World (Hardie Grant Explore). Tania has also created several puzzles, maps and greeting card ranges. Awards and shortlistings include the NSW Premier's Literary Awards, the World Illustration Awards, the Australian Book Design Awards and the CBCA Laurie Copping Award for Distinguished Service to Children's Literature. Tania is an advocate for juvenile literacy and is an ambassador for the ACT Chief Minister's Reading Challenge. The founder of Kids' Book Review, the 52-Week Illustration Challenge and The Happy Book Children's Book Podcast, she has lived in London, Paris and Beijing, and currently lives in Canberra with her family, a forest of artwork and a mountain of books. You can read all of Tania's KBR reviews and articles here and her responses to our 12 Curly Questions here. Check out Tania's bookish YouTube channel. which includes content for children and educators, and if you're a book-lover who's into style, check out her styling channel @stylingtan.

Dimity Powell
Managing Editor
Gold Coast
Dimity loves transforming crazy ideas into children’s stories because she believes kids and great stories are life-essentials, like ice-cream. Her word-webs appear in anthologies, junior novels, school magazines, picture books, and as creative content for digital apps. Several of her short stories have won awards and her digital locative narrative for the Story City app, The Chapel of Unlove was shortlisted for the Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards 2016. The Fix-It Man , illustrated by Nicky Johnston, was her debut picture book with EK Books (2017) and is now available in simplified Chinese. At The End of Holyrood Lane (EK Books 2018), is the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award winner 2019 and Pippa, illustrated by Andrew Plant (Ford Street Publishing, 2019) is one of her best-loved characters, so much so, she is starring in her second adventure, Pippa and The Troublesome Twins (2023). Oswald Messweather (Wombat Books 2021) and This Is My Dad (EK Books 2022) are Dimity's latest picture books featuring kids with recognisable life dilemmas. Dimity thrives on celebrating the profound art of story and is mildly suspicious of too much spare time so fills hers with reviewing great tales for kids and sharing writerly insights she’s collected along the way with any one who’ll listen. Her writing ambitions are modest although she’d consider giving up sugar to hear one of her picture books read on Play School. Dimity lives on the Gold Coast where dreams sparkle. You can read Dimity's KBR reviews and articles here and her responses to our 12 Curly Questions here. Quirky is Dimity's middle name; see why in her 10 Quirky Questions Interview, here. Check out Dim's kidlit YouTube channel right here.

Shaye Wardrop
Senior Editor
Shaye is a writer, reader and dreamer of all things children’s literature. Science fiction and fantasy obsessed, she is drawn to books about dragons, aliens and superhuman powers. Not surprisingly, she also likes to write about such things, so her stories tend to feature far away lands and magnificent beasts. Always the daydreamer (even when she should be paying attention), Shaye dreams of, and is working hard towards, the day her stories sit on library shelves for everyone to enjoy. You can read Shaye’s KBR reviews and articles here and her 12 Curly Questions here.

Sarah Steed
Senior Reviewer + Consultant Librarian
Sarah is a librarian, genealogist, reviewer and lifelong book lover. She’s been writing for Kids’ Book Review for ten years, and has 28+ years experience working in various public library roles. Sarah was the recipient of the Dromkeen Librarian’s Award in 2016 and the Marjorie Cotton Award in 2000. She loves uncovering and exploring bookish places (see her Bookish Places posts from around the world, 
right here) and dreams of one day having a book published. Her reading interests range from picture books and mysteries, to history and biographies, and more. Read Sarah's KBR reviews and articles here. and 12 Curly Questions here

Penny Harrison
Regular Contributor + 12 Curly Questions Editor
Penny Harrison is a children’s author, book reviewer, journalist and photographer. For almost 20 years, she has been writing for magazines and newspapers, covering everything from gardening, wellbeing and sustainable living to art & design, interiors and books. Nowadays, she is a regular contributor to the Herald Sun’s Home Living section, Country Life magazine and House of Wellness magazine. She also reviews children’s books for the CBCA’s Reading Time newsletter. Her first children's picture book, Dance with Me, was released in October 2016 and her second is due out early in 2018. Penny lives on the outskirts of Melbourne, by the Yarra River, with her husband and two young children, along with an ever-growing menagerie of dogs, cats, chickens and bunnies. When she is not reading or writing, you'll find her pulling weeds in the garden and attempting to meditate. You can read her KBR reviews and other posts here and her 12 Curly Questions here.

Katrin Dreiling
Meet the Illustrator Editor
Illustrator Katrin Dreiling is a German-born language teacher. She now lives with her family in a wooden house on stilts next to a creek filled with snakes and poisonous toads, and hopes to spot a koala one day. Katrin creates quirky illustrations that feature different media. Her first picture book The World’s Worst Pirate was a CBCA Notable Book and she also delivered illustrations for a highly successful video animation production on YouTube. Katrin is represented by Essie White at Storm Literary Agency, and was awarded the HarperCollins Illustrators Showcase Award 2019 at the biannual SCBWI conference in Sydney. She also teaches art to children twice a week and conducts illustration workshops for both adults and children. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, writing quirky stories and walking her golden retriever, Loki. 
Katrin recently took the role of SCBWI illustrator coordinator for our Queensland branch and is looking forward to this position. You can find her Meet The Illustrator interview, here. Read Katrin's posts here and see her responses to our 12 Curly Questions here.

Elizabeth Vercoe
Regular Contributor
Liz is a believer in the power of creativity to connect, align, uplift and empower - especially in childhood. For her, Kids’ Literature embodies all of these important things within the wonderful structure of imagination and delight. An artist and author herself, Liz derives great joy in witnessing the vision and quiet genius of those who write for children. She is passionate about hard-copy books and mindful of the privilege inherent in commenting on these works.

Discover more via Elizabeth’s website or her 12 Curly Questions KBR interview, before immersing yourself in her absorbing reviews, here.

Anastasia Gonis
Regular Contributor, Lifetime Honorary Member


Anastasia Gonis has been reviewing books for over twenty years. Her reviews and interviews have appeared in Bookseller & Publisher, Good Reading magazine, Australian Book Review, The Age, The Herald Sun, AllWrite, and many other publications. Anastasia currently writes both articles and reviews. Anastasia recently contributed to a beautiful new book from Text Publishing - Grandmothers: 21st Century Essays by Grandmothers. She loves all books, in particular children’s books which for her, contain beauty and joy between the covers. You can read her KBR reviews and articles here.

Karen Mitchell
Occasional Contributor

Karen has worked in NSW Public Libraries for 30 years and, in one way or another, has worked with children and young adults in the library world during this time. Her roles included working in branch libraries, reference and information services, and as a children's and youth services librarian overseeing library events, marketing, collections, multicultural, reference, digital literacy and children’s & youth services. She has been working on the Lane Cove Literary Awards Project team for six years and this has allowed her to develop poets in residence and writers in residence groups, which foster literary skills for all ages. She has edited and published two books - Poets In Residence: An Anthology (2012) and Celebrating Lane Cove: Anthology (2017). In May 2018, Karen received a Citizenship Award – Workplace for her work with the community and was appointed Manager of Library Services for Lane Cove in 2023. In her spare time, she can be found playing tennis, baking, following the latest clue in her family history, experimenting with a craft project or sitting in the garden with a cup of tea and a good book. You can read Karen's KBR reviews and articles here and read her 12 Curly Questions right here.

Leigh van der Veen
Occasional Contributor
Blue Mountains
Leigh van der Veen, a primary teacher, creates stories and art in the Blue Mountains. Her writing has featured in Australian and international educational publications for over fifteen years. Leigh’s writing has also placed in competitions run by CKT and KBR. She uses vivid language to explore the lives of her quirky, lovable characters in uplifting stories. Leigh is the founder of In a Nutshell Book Reviews. Enjoy her KBR reviews right here and learn more about this master of juggling-all-things via her 12 Curly Questions Interview. 

Lily Weigl 
Regular Junior Contributor
Lily has been reviewing for KBR since 2018 because she loves to immerse herself in books and reading. Her tastes have matured as she has ranging from middle grade fantasy to gritty YA series. She compiles, records and conducts online interviews with creators whose stories she loves to read. Watch her fantastic interview with, Lynette Noni, here. Whether in the car, at school, in her room, at the shops; it’s not unusual to find Lily with her head buried in a book. Read through her reviews, here. Read Lily’s inspiring 12 Curly Questions interview.

Nia Shetty
Regular Junior Contributor
Texas, USA
Nia is a young Texan from the US who has been reviewing her favourite genre with us since 2021. She is an avid reader, a budding author of poems and short stories, and loves relaxing with TV shows and books. Nia can also be found swimming competitively. In 2020, during the start of the pandemic, she started reviewing books @niaspage2page to encourage others to read, and she runs book drives to help her community. Discover more about Nia in her fabulous 12 Curly Questions Interview.

Sue Warren
Occasional Contributor
Sue was born and raised in Sydney but has lived in Queensland since 1985. She was educated at St George Girls’ High School but left school early. A mature age student she became a primary teacher and within a few years also a teacher-librarian and is passionate about children’s literature. Sue is many things including, teacher-librarian, creative genius, kids book devotee, blogger and all-round zanster (All right, we made up that word but think it sums up Sue pretty well). You can sum up more for yourself from her 12 Curly Questions interview here.

Jo Burnell
Past Editor and Lifetime Honorary Member

Jo Burnell is passionate about story. When she's not immersed in a book, she's either writing her own stories or editing for fellow writing enthusiasts. As a freelance editor, Jo specialises in manuscript assessments and children's literature. Jacinta Di Mase, literary agent, is currently representing two of Jo's manuscripts, one of which is a picture book about a toy fairy penguin. Her works in progress include a middle grade fiction series and a novel, which has been described as 'Home Alone meets Junior Master Chef with anger management problems'. You can read Jo's KBR reviews and articles here and her responses to our 12 Curly Questions here.

Just a small handful of the impossibly wonderful things people say about KBR . . .

The best books, reviewed with insight, charm but without compromise. - author Jackie French

Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic reviews you post. I utilise your blog as a trusted resource on a regular basis. As a bookseller, bloggers like yourself assist us so much in what we communicate to our customers. Your hard work is appreciated. Thank you for your passion. - Jacqui from Collins Booksellers and ABC Centre

You are doing a wonderful job with Kids Book Review and in a relatively short time have built a rock-solid reputation for excellent reviews and articles. - author Sandy Fussell

One of my favourite blogs, Kids Book Review was started by Canberra author Tania McCartney. It is full of interviews with authors/illustrators/librarians, book reviews, articles on literacy and reading, articles by children on why they like the books they like, profiles, links to other blogs, websites in the children’s literature world, writing tips, you name it! It is very easy to spend hours at this blog and everyone will get something out of it. I still marvel at {this} blog. It must take hours to provide all that content. It’s fabulous. - Buzz Words editor Vicki Stanton

I'm a big fan! - author/illustrator Felice Arena

I'm amazed by your site - there's a LOT of content on there. I've barely skimmed the surface, but I've already found so many interesting pieces and interviews. - author/illustrator Andrew Joyner

I really appreciate the obvious love and care you have for books and with which you put your website together. - British author/illustrator Grahame Baker-Smith 

You have a really wonderful site and I have referred it to many friends with little people to buy for. - Karen Peace, mum