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Parents, teachers and librarians are special to Kids Book Review. We believe they have the toughest and most important jobs on the planet (and beyond), and we love what they do for kids.

Consequently, we are expanding our list of resources especially for these wonderful people. Following you will find a fabulous line-up of resources, being added to all the time. Want to see something else? Let us know!
A line-up of articles from both KBR contributors and guest posters. This will be updated frequently, so keep checking back.

Book Lists 
Book lists are an ideal way to source topic-specific or age-specific groups of books at a glance. They can be used in the classroom or at home. This list is being built - if you have a book or a book list you'd like to see added, let us know!

KBR currently holds a database of over 2,000 reviews (and rapidly growing!), so to make your book browsing easier, we've provided a series of labels that help narrow reviews down by content and theme.

Teachers' Notes and Lesson Plans
Here you will find an A-Z listing of teachers' notes on certain book titles as well as links to a slew of publisher sites, with countless resources for teachers, librarians, educators and parents. Please email us if you have notes you would like to share on the list.

A-Z of Reviews
Like pizza with the lot.

Bookish Links
For literary organisatons and writerly support.

Awards, Festivals, Conferences
For literary organisatons and writerly support.

Friends of KBR
KBR has some very, very clever friends who host some sensational sites, packed with literary resources and opportunities.

Here you'll find a link to one-off special events like book launches and author visits, as well as a listing of literary events and festivals, Australia-wide.

Yes, we finally have our own little eBooks! Choose from such topics as picture book writing tips, social networking for creatives, and how to get your book reviewed. KBR's collection will be updated over time.

Tania's Picks
From foreign language and wordless, to artsy and truly beautiful, KBR Founder and Editor-at-Large, Tania McCartney, showcases her favourite picture book finds. For picture book aficionados.

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