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- author Jackie French

Friday 21 February 2020

Review: I Heart the World

To try and describe the immensity of the work involved in Tania McCartney’s I Heart the World seems impossible. The research that has gone into creating this magnificent encyclopaedic oversized book is staggering. That’s only the text.

In addressing the illustrations, they have to be seen to be believed. The detail involved needs time and examination to truly appreciate what McCartney has done here. This is perhaps her magnum opus amongst all of her outstanding output.

Each full page entry is an excursion into knowledge, statistics and information. With exquisite supportive and detailed illustrations.

From cities to jungles; from forests to things that fly, we discover Earthly Extremes, visit the Arctic Circle, the oceans of the world, buildings and monuments, a history of house styles, national costumes, clothing styles, food, animals – familiar and unfamiliar – rivers, sea creatures, customs and traditions, flora and fauna.
All the continents are touched upon. Each one with all the general information about countries, land mass, language, population, largest city, rivers, highest and lowest point.

Elegant and priceless, this book and McCartney’s gifted talent shouldn’t be underestimated. Striking covers indicate the quality of the internal content.

Illustrations were created with watercolour, ink, and digital elements, as well as mono printed and photographed textures.

Tania’s purpose with this book was to spark curiosity and adventure…and environmental awareness in children. She has succeeded and more!

Title: I Heart the World
Author/Illustrator: Tania McCartney
Publisher: Hardie Grant Travel, $29.99
Publication Date: February 2020
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781741176711
For ages: 9+
Type: Non Fiction