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The KBR Unpublished Picture Book Manuscript Award closes Monday 5 May!
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 Celebrate the ups and downs of everyday life with a toddler in this sweet picture book by Paullina Simons and Cassia Thomas.

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Can 11-year-old Fox Swift help the struggling local AFL team to win against the high profile team that recruits all the best players?

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Winners of our Fox Swift giveaway:  

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Winners of our When We Go Walkabout giveaway:  

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 Winners of our While We Run giveaway:  

Samantha Munt
Barbara McGuigan
Dewi Wahyuni
Sonia Cattley
Charlotte Scotton

Winners of our The Adventures of Stunt Boy and his Amazing Wonderdog Blindfold giveaway:  

Karina Lee
Louise Brooks
Tanna Featherstone
Liz Ledden
Judith Maunders

Winners of our The Secrets of Flamant Castle giveaway:  

Layla Woodall
Judith Senese
Soni Nicole
Janeen Brian
Ava Farnsworth

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