"The best books, reviewed with insight and charm, but without compromise." - author Jackie French

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Booklover, Bryce, getting some reading done. (image: Paula Thomson)

Kids' Book Review is a 100% voluntary children’s literature and book review site that supports and features authors, illustrators and publishers Australia-wide and internationally. It is run by a small team of women who have decades of experience in the children's book industry, with roles such as author, publisher, editor, bookseller, blogger, book designer and typesetter, speech pathologist, librarian, early childhood educator, mother and book lover.

We cover news, reviews, interviews, articles, guest posts, events, specialist literacy articles and much more, attracting readers from all over the world including teachers, librarians, industry professionals, and of course - parents and kids.

KBR falls into the top 720,000 websites worldwide, and is ranked in the top 450,000 in the US and the top 37,000 in Australia. We are currently proud to achieve as many as 80,000 hits per month, and are one of the most respected literary sites on the web.

We receive books from major Australian publishers, indie publishers and international publishers for review, and we use our considerable social networking skills to further promote and enhance any book appearance on KBR.

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The Team

Kids' Book Review is run by a literary line-up of seriously book-loving women, with contributions from a number of other book-addicts. Keep reading to learn more about us, and see our CONTACT page for contact/book review details.

Who: Tania McCartney

Title: KBR Founder + Editor-At-Large

Location: Canberra

A bit about: Tania has been writing professionally for over 25 years, and is an author of adult and children’s books. An experienced editor, magazine writer and independent publisher, she has an unholy addiction to picture books--so much so, she has recently reconnected with her love of illustration. She also loves travel, photography, and book layout and design. Her latest titles include Tottie and Dot, Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo and An Aussie Year. Her next book, This is Captain Cook (with Christina Booth), will be released March 2015. Tania is an advocate for juvenile literacy and is a past ambassador for the National Year of Reading (2012). She is the founder of the 52-Week Illustration Challenge and currently lives in Canberra with a very supportive husband, two gorgeous kids and a towering mountain of books. See www.taniamccartney.com for more.

You can read all of Tania's KBR reviews and articles here and Tania's responses to our 12 Curly Questions here.

Who: Susan Whelan

Title: Managing Editor

Location: Newcastle

A bit about: Susan is a freelance writer, avid reader and self-confessed lover of big words. She thinks getting lost in a good book is one of life's great pleasures. Susan has written for a number of parenting magazines and review websites as well as contributing to a book on children's creativity due for release in late 2013. She is a passionate advocate for encouraging and supporting creativity in all its forms in children and adults. Susan lives in Newcastle with her husband and three children. She firmly believe that there is no such thing as too many books, although her husband remains unconvinced. See Susan's website for more.

You can read Susan's KBR reviews and articles here and Susan's responses to our 12 Curly Questions here.

Who: Anouska Jones

Title: Senior Editor

Location: Hunter Valley

A bit about: Anouska has over twenty years' experience in the book publishing industry. She is a publishing consultant and editor and is obsessed by all things to do with words, writing and books. She is also the author of several as yet unpublished children's manuscripts, with ideas for many more lurking in her head! Anouska lives with her husband and young daughter on a small acreage where she tries hard to practise sustainable living, but often fails. When she is not reading for work or pleasure, she can be found playing with her three horses, battling the bugs in her vegetable garden, and dreaming of new travel destinations. She firmly believes that one of the best parts of being a mother is discovering all the wonderful kids' books out there.

You can read Anouska's KBR reviews and articles here and Anouska's answers to our 12 Curly Questions here.

Who: Jo Burnell

Title: Editor

Location: Melbourne

A bit about: A paediatric speech pathologist, Jo is passionate about hooking reluctant readers into the world of books. As a reviewer of children’s and YA books and previous experience as a judge of the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year, Jo is familiar with effective writing for Upper Primary and Secondary students. She's tackled subjects such as bi-polar disorder, addiction, and more recently, 'Juveniles in Jails'. Her innovative approach to history combines documentary extracts, mini scripts for performance and quirky factional narration to involve younger readers.

You can read all of Jo's KBR reviews and articles here and Jo's answers to our 12 Curly Questions here.

Who: Sarah Steed

Title: Consultant Librarian

Location: Canberra

A bit about: Sarah is a former Children's and Young Adult Librarian with more than 18 years experience working in public libraries. She loves books, architecture, travel, history, art and design, and genealogy. Sarah comes from a family of readers and has shelves full to bursting with books that fall into the categories of 'want to read', 'already read', and 'read again'. She rarely leaves home without her well-stocked eReader, and loves to share books with family and friends. Sarah agrees with Samuel Johnson's view that “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.” Quite appropriate for a librarian.

You can read Sarah's KBR reviews and articles here and Sarah's answers to our 12 Curly Questions here.

Who: Anastasia Gonis

Title: Regular Contributor

Location: Melbourne

A bit about: Anastasia Gonis has been reviewing books for over twenty years. Her reviews and interviews have appeared in Bookseller & Publisher, Good Reading magazine, Australian Book Review, The Age, The Herald Sun, AllWrite, and many other publications. Anastasia currently writes both articles and reviews, and is the Interviewer for Buzz Words. She loves all books, in particular children’s books which for her, contain beauty and joy between the covers.

You can read Anastasia's KBR reviews and articles here.

Who: Coral Vass

Title: Regular Contributor

Location: Melbourne

A bit about: With a background in Media, Coral has always had a passion for writing and telling stories. Her first children’s picture book was published in 2011.  Coral’s latest titles include Goodnight Possum, Good Morning Possum, The Hottest Dingo and The Great Bird Poo War. Her writing style has a splash of rhythm, a dash of rhyme and is stirred with fun. Coral adores children’s books, inspiring children with a love for literature, chocolate, good coffee, the theatre, a thesaurus, bookshops, libraries, the beach and travelling. She lives by the beach with her husband and four children. See Coral's website for more.

You can read Coral's KBR reviews and articles here and Coral's answers to our 12 Curly Questions here.

Who: Connie Spanos

Title: Regular Contributor

Location: Melbourne

A bit about: Connie is a lover of the written word, and the transformative power of books, especially Young Adult fiction. She is completing a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing and has a background in social work.  She loves reading, writing and editing, dating back to obsessively reading into the early hours of the night as a youngster – sometimes with a torch!  Connie is a member of a YA writing group she co-formed and is completing her first YA novel. She has written a couple of as yet unpublished children's books, has undertaken freelance editorial work and online magazine editing. Stephen King sums up her love of books: 'Books are a uniquely portable magic.'

You can read Connie's KBR reviews and articles here.

Just a small handful of the wonderful things people say about KBR . . .

The best books, reviewed with insight, charm but without compromise. - author Jackie French

Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic reviews you post. I utilise your blog as a trusted resource on a regular basis. As a bookseller, bloggers like yourself assist us so much in what we communicate to our customers. Your hard work is appreciated. Thank you for your passion. - Jacqui from Collins Booksellers and ABC Centre

You are doing a wonderful job with Kids Book Review and in a relatively short time have built a rock-solid reputation for excellent reviews and articles. - author Sandy Fussell

One of my favourite blogs, Kids Book Review was started by Canberra author Tania McCartney. It is full of interviews with authors/illustrators/librarians, book reviews, articles on literacy and reading, articles by children on why they like the books they like, profiles, links to other blogs, websites in the children’s literature world, writing tips, you name it! It is very easy to spend hours at this blog and everyone will get something out of it. I still marvel at {this} blog. It must take hours to provide all that content. It’s fabulous. - Buzz Words editor Vicki Stanton

I'm a big fan! - author/illustrator Felice Arena

I'm amazed by your site - there's a LOT of content on there. I've barely skimmed the surface, but I've already found so many interesting pieces and interviews. - author/illustrator Andrew Joyner

I really appreciate the obvious love and care you have for books and with which you put your website together. - British author/illustrator Grahame Baker-Smith

You have a really wonderful site and I have referred it to many friends with little people to buy for. - Karen Peace, mum