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Saturday 18 April 2009

Review: The English Roses

This review by: Ella (8)

What is the book called? The English Roses

Who is the author? Madonna

Who is the illustrator? Jeffrey Fulvimari

Who is the publisher? Puffin

ISBN: 0 141 38047 0

What is this story about? It’s about these girls named The English Roses and there’s this girl who lives down the street and they don’t know what her type of life is and how hard it is. They’re really really jealous of her because she’s beautiful and nobody likes her. A fairy godmother comes along when the English Roses are dreaming and shows them what the girl’s life is like and then they start to be friends.

Who are the main characters? The English Roses and the new girl.

What problems or challenges do these characters face? Well, the English Roses didn’t really face any problems but the new girl did face a problem of not being very lucky.

What is the climax of the story, when things get the most problematic or exciting? When the English Roses are really mean to the new girl and they start to speak about them at school and then nobody starts to like the new girl.

Were there any shocks, twists, turns or surprises? Yes. One of the turns was that the English Roses started to like the new girl, because of the dream that they had of the fairy godmother taking them to the new girl’s house. She lived as a maid for her father and the English Roses felt really sad for her and she needed a friend. The new girl was happy when they started being nice to her.
Can you describe the illustrations? The colour is all different colours, kind of like a painting and some of the bits are still left white. They put in all the details for all the clothes.

What do you like about the illustrations? I like all the colours and all the pictures are really exciting and they’ve put in lots of details.

What was your favourite part in this book? When the English Roses didn’t like the new girl because it was interesting how they talked about her and why they didn’t like her.

Is there anything you didn’t like about this book? There’s not much I didn’t like.

Did you learn anything new from this story? Yes. To be nice to new girls when they come to school.