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- author Jackie French

Friday 22 May 2009

Review: Chicken Soup With Rice

It’s difficult to review one of your favourite books of all time, because of the bias leanings, but I’m certain the brilliance behind this Maurice Sendak classic cannot be overstated.
Like his contemporary, Dr Seuss, Sendak is a master for quirk. For unique illustrations that have developed a cult following over the years, and for mastery of rhyme, for lusty stories that hit straight at the heart of children everywhere.

I love it so much, I even framed the pages, which currently decorate my kitchen walls.

Being brought up on Sendak’s books and being a calendar aficionado, I careen back to childhood each time I read this beautiful book, which can be found in a pocket sized tome, perfect for framing or taking on road trips.

Each month is centered around the main character’s adoration of chicken soup with rice, and brings that heartwarmingness to the belly every time the dish is mentioned, whether it be in the heat of summer, the ice of winter or even at the bottom of the sea.

Both children and adults alike will enjoy the pacey prose and the scrumptious, retro, tri-colour illustrations.

A must-own.

Title: Chicken Soup With Rice
Author/Illustrator: Maurice Sendak
Publisher: Harper Trophy
Format: Softcover 
ISBN: 0 06 443253 X 
For ages: 3-8
Type: Small format Picture Book