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Tuesday 19 May 2009

Review: Superhero ABC

Renowned comic book illustrator, Bob McLeod, gives children, adults and comic book addicts a major treat with this lustrous alphabet book. Not your average, run of the mill ABC book is this, no no.

Flush with colour, drama, wit, action and bulging biceps, it’s the quintessential book for boys of all ages – even beyond mastery of the ABC. Oh – and girls love it, too. Bob certainly hasn’t forgotten the chick heroes in this gorgeously funny book.
Stacked to the rafters with comic alliteration (“…huge man is happy to help heroes and never harms humans…”) kids can follow the adventures of such supersonic heroes as Bubble Man, Water Woman, Multiplying Mike, and Laughing Lass, who knocks foes to the ground with her loud laughter and licks them like lollipops.

Adults will delight in the quirky humour and stunning, emotive illustrations, and the kids simply won’t be able to put it down. Be prepared for years of repeat readings. Years, I tells ya.

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Superhero ABC
Author/Illustrator: Bob McLeod
Publisher: Harper Collins
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0 06 074514 2
For ages: 3 - 10
Type: Picture Book