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Monday 1 June 2009

Review: Willy the Wimp

Title: Willy the Wimp

Author: Anthony Browne

Illustrator: Anthony Browne

Publisher: Walker Books

Format: Softcover

Language: English

ISBN: 0 7445 4363 0

For ages: 3-8

Type: Picture Book

About: Willy is a skinny, wimpy chimp. A worrier, a wuss, but likeable, nonetheless. When Willy is bumped and thumped by thugs one too many times, he decides to take muscle matters into his own hands and do something about his lot.

Part of the delight of this classic story are Brown’s wonderful illustrations, using beautiful page-desin elements along the way.

Kids and parents will love watching Willy as he trains and builds those biceps… and becomes a whole new chimp… only to discover that despite his outer covering, he still is the same old Willy on the inside.

A charming book with an equally charming message.

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