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- author Jackie French

Saturday 6 June 2009

Pandas Like Jam

This morning I am walking around the house as though music is playing in some kind of American feel-good family movie.

Why? No, it's not because some magic fairy has swooped down and cleaned up my pigsty house. No, it's not because I woke to find twelve inches of fat had melted from my thighs. It's because it looks like I have found a new illustrator.

That's right. Someone good. Someone really good. Someone who can inject life and character and personality into my beloved characters like never before.

Can you hear that music playing??? In the meantime, what do you think of this absolutely scrumptious panda? Isn't he just divine? Who knew pandas were into jam? Don't you want to grab him and poke your fingers into his belly?

Let me know what you think of him. And very soon I hope to reveal the artist behind these gorgeous pictures... I finally feel well enroute to the next bigger, better and even more glorious Riley book.