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Wednesday 10 June 2009

Review: Charlie and Lola: We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog

I hated the Charlie and Lola books when they first came on the scene. I hated them because I was so annoyed I hadn’t thought of such a clever book idea. But Charlie and Lola soon charmed me and I, like millions all over the world, became totally and utterly smitten.

Written by talented mum, author and illustrator, Lauren Child, We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog is another adventure into the childhood of Lola, her big brother Charlie. Written with the total whimsy that is the voice of children, this particular tale follows Lola’s desire to look after Sizzles, a sausage dog who belongs to Charlie’s friend Marv.

But can Lola, who is really little but totally clever and capable, convince Marv that she and her friend Lotta, are capable of looking after Sizzles while the boys kick the football in the park? Marv gives strict instructions to the girls about what things they must NOT do, including feeding Sizzles sweets, and they must not, without question, let him off the lead.

What do you think happens?

Yet another charming book from Child, who has a supreme knack for teaching a lesson without patronising or talking down to kids. She instead teaches via action and circumstance, taking young children through the lesson to see what comes out the other end.

Combining her whimsical illustrations with photographs layered on gorgeous retro patterns, the Charlie and Lola books are a wonderful addition to the library of all young kids. From the curly swirly writing to the charming child-like language and brilliant use of dialogue, none of her books will disappoint.

And if your kids love dogs, this book in the sizable series will be particularly extra special.

Title: Charlie and Lola: We Honestly Can Look After Your Dog
Author/Illustrator: Lauren Child
Publisher: Puffin
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 0 141 50052 2
For ages: 0-6
Type: Picture Book

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