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- author Jackie French

Friday 24 July 2009

Literary Road Trip - ACT Author Ingrid Jonach

As part of the Literary Road Trip journey, I am delighted to showcase talented authors from the Australian Capital Territory...

Who is this author? Ingrid Jonach

Where can you take a squiz at her stuff? http://www.ingridjonach.com/

What is this talented author’s story? I grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wales, but now live a few hours from the beach, in Canberra. I used to work as a journalist for the local paper and now work as a PR consultant.

What are her recent titles? A picture book called A Lot of Things, and two chapter books called The Frank Frankie and Frankie goes to France.

Did she do the illustrations? The picture book was illustrated by my mother Pauline Jonach, who is a visual artist. The chapter books were illustrated by another talented illustrator - Cheryl Orsini, who lives in Sydney.

How long has she been writing? Since I was in infants school.

Does she remember the first story she ever wrote? I think it was a retelling of the fairytale the Three Little Pigs in Year 2. The Three Little Pigs was the first story I learned to read, so it is fitting that it was also the first story I wrote.

Have children’s books always been of interest? Yes. I think it is because I fell in love with reading and writing as a child, so literature for that age group had remained dear to me.

Does she think Australian children’s literature has changed? I think all literature evolves with each new generation. Now more than ever before we are competing and even adapting to technology, books are even going digital!

What does she like to do the most? Writing, reading, sleeping, eating, music. In that order!

What children’s books does she love? Brother Night by Victor Kelleher. Clarice Bean by Lauren Child. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. Araminta Spook: My Haunted House as told to Angie Sage. Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary.

Why does she write? To entertain – both myself and others.

What pesky blocks or obstacles has she experienced on her writing journey? Working full time.

What does she love most about writing for children? Visiting schools to talk to kids about reading and writing.

What fantabulous advice can she give kids (or adults) on writing children’s stories? Finish your stories, even if they are a write-off (mind the pun). It is good practise.

If she couldn’t be a writer, what would she be? A musician.

What game did she like playing as a child? What’s the time Mr Wolf?

What books did she read? A lot of Little Golden Books. Any books by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl.

Her perfect day involves… Sitting in bed with the sun coming in through the window while I am writing on my laptop.

What words sum her up? Stubborn. Like to laugh. Workaholic!