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Monday 3 August 2009

Review: Everyone Poops

Title: Everyone Poops

Author: Taro Gomi

Illustrator: Amanda Mayer Stinchecum

Publisher: Kane Miller

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

ISBN: 0 916291 45 6

For ages: 0-5

Type: Picture Book

About: First published in Japanese in 1977, this book’s super retro illustrations still work well today, using bright pastels and tell-it-like-it-is graphics.

This delightful book may be a little confronting, but what better way to learn about a natural phenomenon than with openness and honesty? Yes, everybody poops and there’s no getting around it, so why not share it?

Who knew hippos spray it when they poop? Who knew deer pooped on the move? Did you know that poop comes in all different shapes, sizes and colours?

Both kids and adults will find this picture book very interesting as well as really good fun – and hopefully it might even encourage reluctant poopers to get their business done.

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