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Thursday 13 August 2009

Review: Henry and Amy

Title: Henry and Amy (right-way-round and upside down)

Author: Stephen Michael King

Illustrator: Stephen Michael King

Publisher: Scholastic Australia

Format: Paperback

Language: English

ISBN: 1 86388 998 1

For ages: 0-5

Type: Picture Book

About: Henry is a little boy who looks at the world differently and who struggles to have anything turn out the way he would like.

Then he meets Amy who does everything perfectly and a friendship blossoms as they help each other understand and enjoy the everyday.

This is an inspiring story about the importance and value in being different and how by being with people who see the world differently to us, we can gain a broader view of all our world has to offer.

I love the message this sends to kids (not a bad reminder for the adult reader either)... by marching to our own drum we enrich the world for others.

- this review by Cate Hale

Henry and Amy is part of the 2009 Premier's Reading Challenge for NSW.

This book is available online:

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