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Wednesday 25 November 2009

Review: Dave is Brave

Title: Dave is Brave

Author: Amanda Gray

Illustrator: Daniel East

Publisher: Amanda Gray

Format: Paperback

Language: English

ISBN: 978 0 646 517636

For ages: 3 - 6

Type: Picture Book

About: This neat little paperback was designed by special education and early childhood teacher, Amanda Gray. Based in New South Wales, Gray has spent her career specializing in the support of children experiencing emotional or social difficulties, and her Learn to be Buddies series was born from her passion in this field.

Dave is Brave is a concise book, using direct and simple language. When young Dave is introduced, we learn he is brave. Brave enough to stand up to Golly the Bully who likes to mow down the toys of other young children on his tricycle.

When Golly behaves like a bully one too many times, Dave stands his ground, holds his head high, puts up his hand and says “Stop!”. Young Golly is so surprised by this confrontation, he has a change of heart and instead asks politely if he can play.

Showing young children how important it is to stand up for themselves by using words, not fists, Gray also takes things a step further by providing a list of questions and answers adults can ask children at the end of the story.

Illustrated with both colour and pencil outline illustrations by Daniel East, the author aims to produce a series of these books, using realistic pictures and true-to-life storylines to address and demonstrate social skills and behaviour.

Dave is Brave is available online at www.learn2bebuddies.com.au, where you can also learn more on this series and obtain information on accompanying CDs that include songs, listening activities, games and activity plans for teachers.

The book retails for A$14.99 or $10.45 at www.learn2bebuddies.com.au

The full book/CD pack is A$30 retail or $22.95 through www.learn2bebuddies.com.au

Also available at Ability Books.

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