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- author Jackie French

Saturday 2 January 2010

Review: The Boys' and Girls' Holiday Book

As a parent, I just love the sound of this - 'Boredom Escape Kit' and 'Great value, heaps to do' - all promised within these fab new books from Allen & Unwin.
If you have a boy, how do these descriptives snag you - spooky story, sand fort, treasure map, pool games, car rally boardgame? And if you have a girl, what about these pullquotes - surfer girls, perfect postcards, freaky food, beach sudoku, mind games?

I'm veering towards middle-age, for goodness sake, and I want to play with these new books from Allen & Unwin, hot off the press for the summer holidays.

What's nice about these books, in a sea of kids' activities books, is that they are actually really interesting and not just throw-away dot-to-dots.

There are interesting games to play, comprehensive puzzles to complete and fun challenges like map reading. There are recipes, tips, crafts, quizzes, logic challenges, and kids can even learn phrases in different languages.

A pity these books didn't come out in time to stuff Christmas stockings, but they'll nonetheless make a wayward summer afternoon far more interesting.

Great stuff.

Title: The Boys' Holiday Book/The Girls' Holiday Book
Author: Guy Campbell/Ellen Bailey
Illustrator: Paul Moran/Nellie Ryan
Publisher: A&U Children, A$9.99
Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781742372792 / 9781742372808
For ages: 6-10
Type: Activity Book