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Friday 22 January 2010

Review: The Bears' Picnic

This review by Riley (6).

What is the book called? The Bear’s Picnic

Who is the author/illustrator? Stan and Jan Berenstain

Who is the publisher? Random House

What is this story about? The daddy bear told mum to put her apron away then they wanted to go on a picnic. So they went off to a picnic place. They picked a place that the mum and dad picked when they were young. But then a train came into the beautiful spot.

So they found another picnic spot – just between some trees. They sat on a bench, then actually it was a big picnic today and everyone came to the picnic and they left because all the people came and there were too many people.

Then they went through the wheat – the big mother and the baby and the dad and then all the mosquitoes came to the bears. They went onto a boat and paddled all the way to a different picnic spot then Dad said “Hooray, at last, we are going to eat,” but actually, it was a dump place!

After lots of bad places to picnic, they went back home then he saw their house and they had a picnic spot at their house!

Who are the main characters? Little brother, Dad and Mum.

What problems do these characters face? They went to a picnic spot then there was bad things.

What is the climax of the story? When the lightning went on Dad’s bum.

What was your favourite part in this book? My favourite part of the book is when Dad had a zap on his bum.

Is there anything you didn’t like about this book? The train next to the wonderful spot when Mum and Dad was young.

What other books do you love?
The Bear Scouts
The Big Honey Hunt
He Bear She Bear

This book is available online:

Fishpond - A$18.98 (hardcover)
The Nile - A$15.49 (hardcover)

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