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Thursday 1 April 2010

Review: Mr Nobody

Title: Mr Nobody

Author: Roger Hargreaves

Illustrator: Roger Hargreaves

Publisher: Penguin, A$4.95RRP

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781846467110

Type: Picture Book

For ages: 3-6

About: I can still feel the slip of a Mr Men book in my five-year-old hands, so quickly dog-eared and filled with affectionate scribble. Admittedly, it was the original ‘men’ back in my time… Mr Tickle, Mr Greedy (oh, he got to eat so many cakes!), Mr Happy and Mr Nosey. But now there’s a new man on the scene.

The brand new release of Mr Nobody takes Roger Hargreaves’ timeless series to 47 books – and the author’s classic storytelling style is as fresh as ever.

In his latest Mr Man, we meet a sad and helpless creature who actually doesn’t exist. Well, sort of, but not really. When Mr Happy stumbles across this sad almost-there creature, sitting crying in a tree, he is determined to help Mr Nobody become… well – somebody.

He takes a despondent Mr Nobody to see the wizard who hums and has before asking Mr Nobody what colour he would like to be. Intrigued but skeptical, Mr Nobody is asked to drink a special coloured potion… but will it help Mr Nobody become somebody?

Hargreaves’ candid, faultless writing rhythm is as wonderful as ever. Despite the wordiness of his little books, the lines are a pleasure to read and flow off the tongue easily and pleasingly – to both adult and child’s ear.

His characters are typically likeable, his moral messages subtle and every story is filled with an open and charming humour. Add Mr Nobody to your Mr Men collection in the knowledge that its presence will continue to enhance this totally collectible collectible.

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