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Tuesday 23 March 2010

Saving Water with Nicola Chait

It's really lovely to see people doing good things to inspire our young to be more ecologically conscious, and to learn about how vital it is to respect and lessen our impact on the planet.

Author/illustrator Nicola Chait has done just that with her adorable new board book - Saving Water. The author self-published through Little Steps and has aimed the book at pre-school children aged 3-6.

Using rhyme and a healthy modicum of humour, the author has constructed an easy-to-read, helpful little tome that will inspire kids to find new ways to save our most precious resource. Who knows - kids may even teach their mum and dad a thing or two.

"The future of environmental issues rests with our children," says Nicola, "Our children are the way forward. If we educate the kids correctly about the issue of water, community attitudes will change as the next generation grows."

In the early 90s, Nicola spent five years living in the Middle East, working closely with children in a mentoring role. She enjoyed sharing stories with many school children of varying ages; stories that encased simple humour, human values and environmental issues. In 1995, she returned to Australia and continued a career in the travel industry.

On 18 October 2003, Nicola's life changed when she was involved in a debilitating car accident. Whilst recovering from two back operations, the author found herself reflecting on her days in the Middle East, storytelling with children. This inspired Nicola to write, with a particular interest in educational stories for children, and after much encouragement from kids and parents, she found herself on the route to self-publication.

"I suffered a lot of chronic pain after my accident, and one day I was driven to the Melbourne Docklands by a friend wanted to lift my spirits. I got thinking that we are surrounded by water and yet that's the very thing we are lacking in this country - usable water. I was driven home and wrote Saving Water. And that's pretty well how this book came to being."

With her new book, Nicola hopes to have an impact on the attitudes of future generations.

"One of the most satisfying rewards to writing this picture book is to see a child acting on one of the messages in the book. It makes me feel like I'm doing my bit to help the planet. The little female character in Saving Water is named 'Pockets' and it's beautiful when you see a child wanting to save water like Pockets. I've got to say I also really enjoy seeing a child's face the moment she connects with a humourous message in one of my stories; that little giggle just melts me."

See more about Saving Water and its vital message here. Nicola is happy to provide teaching notes, or if you just want to help promote the message of Saving Water in your organisation or school, email Nicola here.