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- author Jackie French

Thursday 6 May 2010

Review: Beautiful Malice

Beautiful Malice, the most highly anticipated and super-hyped young adult novel of the year, compared with the bestselling Twilight series. Rebecca James, the author touted as ‘the next J.K. Rowling’; once merely another struggling writer, now the superstar of the literary world. This is the novel that changed her life, the one that was bought at the Frankfurt Book Fair for a cool million dollars.

We’ve all heard about it, but the big question on all our lips: is it really worth it? Is it actually any good? Should I read it?

Beautiful Malice is the story of Katherine, a seventeen-year-old starting a new life in a new city. She is quiet and wants to remain anonymous at her school, shying away from befriending anyone, but we know she was not always like this. What happened? We have some clues to her past: a dead sister, grieving parents, a girl blaming herself for her sister’s death.

As the mysteries unravel, Katherine’s new friendship with Alice grows stronger and stronger. But Alice is not who she seems, and more thrilling secrets are revealed.

Sound intriguing? It is. This book baits you with teasing mysteries, hooks you with twists and turns and makes your heart beat faster and faster as all the secrecy is blown open.

Let me tell you, I read it in one sitting, unable to put it down. The story travels at an exciting pace, with page after page exposing more details of each character that you simply must know. Now.

At its core, this is a book about relationships at their best and their heartbreaking worst. It is an insight into the poisonous friendships that can set a trap into which anyone can fall, the healing of a family torn apart by tragedy, and a reminder to grasp the fleeting moments of happiness in life.

So, is James the next Rowling? This comparison makes for a good rags-to-riches story, but that’s where the similarities end. Is Beautiful Malice the next Twilight? No. James’ novel has more intelligence, a real-life, believable plot and observant, eloquent insights into human nature.

And the answer to the other questions; is it worth it, is it great, should you read this? Yes, yes, YES.

Title: Beautiful Malice
Author: Rebecca James
Publisher: Allen and Unwin, $24.99 RRP
Publication Date: May 2010
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742373003
For ages: 15+
Type: Young Adult Fiction