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Friday 21 May 2010

Review: Daisy to the Rescue

Title: Daisy to the Rescue

Author: Jane Simmons

Illustrator: Jane Simmons

Publisher: Orchard Books, A$15.95

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781846160837

For ages: 2-6 years

Type: picture book

About: Growing up in a country where water safety is a major cause of concern for parents, this book is a brilliant discussion point with very small children about the importance of water safety.

This book is both written and illustrated by Simmons and tells the tale of the growing friendships between Millet the chick and Daisy the duck. Whilst Millet wants to do everything Daisy the duck does. Unfortunately Millet comes a cropper in the water and it is up to Daisy to rescue her.

As well as teaching children about water safety, gentle lessons can be learned about compromising in friendship and learning to work with the differences that exist between us.

Simmons uses repetition and onomatopoeic words to engage her young readers. The dialogue between the characters relies on the parents to vary their tone and pitch, but it is cleverly matched with variations in the font sizes on the page as if to give parents a gentle nudge in the right direction!

The pictures are simply beautiful and my toddler kept reaching out to the pages as if to clutch at the adorable Daisy the duck.

This book is a much loved addition to our readers box, and as well as being a beautiful read underlines an important message for our children.

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