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Tuesday 29 June 2010

Review: Fat Abby - Feline Investigator

Title: Fat Abby: Feline Investigator

Author: Dawn Meredith

Illustrator: See review for details

Publisher: Shining Press, $10.95 RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781876870171

For ages: 7+

Type: Novel

About: Abby thinks she is lean, brave and strong. Then Molly enters her world and she is surprised at how frightened she is. She is also shocked that Molly calls her fat. Surely she isn’t Fat Abby?!

Molly is a strange cat who scares Abby with her size and her confident manner, but when she realises that Molly is actually pregnant and vulnerable, Abby is no longer frightened and just wants to help and protect her new friend.

The fear returns when Fang, the tomcat who got Molly pregnant, comes searching for her. He is a big, rough-looking, scary cat who will stop at nothing – including killing Abby’s oldest friend – to get his way.

Can Abby and Molly escape his terrifying hold on them?

Fat Abby is a lovely story about friendship, overcoming adversity, mystery and investigation, but it does tackle some heavy topics as well. Things like death, bullying, pregnancy are introduced and, whilst they aren’t dealt with in detail, will make children curious and keen for further conversations around these areas.

The drawings by thirteen-year-old Cassandra De Jonge are a highlight – I love illustrations by kids! – that dot through every few pages and complement the story’s comical charm.

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This book is available from Five Senses Education by calling (02) 9838 9265. It will soon be available on the website at fivesenseseducation.com.au.