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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Review: The Parfizz Pitch (Mosquito Advertising #1)

Parfitt’s Family Soft Drink Company is in huge financial trouble. It is about to be bought out by a global corporate organisation and Katie Crisp’s mother will be left without a job. Without it, they will be forced to sell their family home and face an uncertain future.

Katie’s natural curiosity leads to her learn more and more about the corporate takeover and the reasons behind the company’s demise. When she realises that it all comes down to marketing problems, she and her friends form Mosquito Advertising and set to work devising an advertising campaign to save Parfitt’s.

As they do this, they begin to uncover some shady dealings behind the scenes of the Parfitt’s takeover, and the five kids find themselves face-to-face with people who will go to extraordinary lengths to stop them. Not to mention entering a war of creativity with one of the country’s largest advertising agencies.

Mosquito Advertising begins somewhat slowly, but it soon gears up to become a riveting read. The characters feel real, with their enthusiasm, friendship, teamwork and humour bursting from the text, and the story weaves its way through new mysteries and discoveries, with more intrigue found at the turn of every page.

This is a classic tale of good versus evil, corporate giant against the little man, with a modern plot that is new and refreshing to the junior fiction genre.

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Title: The Parfizz Pitch (Mosquito Advertising #1)
Author: Kate Hunter
Publisher: UQP, $16.95 RRP
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780702237713
For ages: 9 - 14
Type: Junior Fiction, Middle Fiction