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Saturday 26 June 2010

Review: Sleepy Lion Lullaby

Title: Sleepy Lion Lullaby

Author: Rachel Boult

Illustrator: Rachel Boult

Publisher: Shyness and Bloom, $11.99 RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780981206431

For ages: 2 - 5

Type: Picture Book

About: One flick through this book and you’ll be in love.

With the beautiful baby animals, that is – the lion on the verge of sleep, the fluffy little lamb, the orang-utan with those beautifully expressive eyes, and more.

The story takes us on a visit to each of the animals as they are getting ready to fall asleep. We urge each of them to rest, to close their eyes and dream, reminding them that they are safe and warm, with their families close by – all the things that little humans need to be reassured of.

And, like any good bedtime story, it finishes with an ‘I love you, goodnight’.

The words are calm and peaceful, helping to make children feel safe and loved, and those pictures… wow!

Sleepy Lion Lullaby is the perfect bedtime story to share with your little ones. They won’t be able to resist closing their eyes after listening to the story and seeing all the animals ready for sleep.

Later today on Kids Book Review - our interview with author/illustrator, Rachel Boult!

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