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- author Jackie French

Friday 11 June 2010

Review: Two Peas in a Pod

This utterly charming book is charming in the best sense of the word – steeped in the language of authentic childhood, with childlike pictures to match.
Marvellous (a.k.a. Marvin) and Violet love to play. They adore each other so much, their mums reckons they are peas that came from the same pod. But when Violet moves away – to the ‘moon’, actually (and when you’re a child, even a move to a nearby town does indeed seem like the moon) – Marvellous is left bereft.

After a winter of discontent, Marvellous is woken with a Koala Airlines air ticket – a ticket to Violet – and off he goes, to a house on the beach, to search for pictures in the clouds and discover wildflowers and kites and good old times.

Then he comes home to discover his pet hen has laid three eggs.

And so ends this story – an ending that proves life does go on when people leave our world – but it’s also important to remember not to forget. That friendship can survive distance and pods always contain similar peas.

McKimmie’s wonderful illustrations are a mishmash of elements including lots of cut and paste, and even include cameo appearances from some very young McKimmies, all melding with imaginative typesetting to create a visual and very fun eye-fest. It’s almost a bonus that this gorgeous story is also lots of fun, creating a well-rounded modern classic.

Title: Two Peas in a Pod
Author/Illustrator: Chris McKimmie
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, A$29.99RRP
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: May 2010
ISBN: 9781742373041
For ages: 4-8
Type: Picture Book