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Tuesday 8 June 2010

Review: The Wobbly Wombat

Title: The Wobbly Wombat

Author: Dawn Meredith

Illustrator: Nick Watson

Publisher: Rigby, $11RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780731273744

For ages: 5+

Type: Novel

About: Woody the wombat is the smallest in his family and his brothers and sisters laugh at him and call him names, like Wobbly Woody. He is so hurt and upset by this, and just wants to learn how to live happily with them, rather than running away by himself all the time. He wants them to stop teasing him.

Eventually, Woody decides to gather some advice on how to deal with this problem. He goes to the clever possum, the friendly koala and the dingo, who gets along with all the others in his pack.

The advice he is given by each of these animals is wise and helpful: ‘Think of your favourite place and take a deep breath’, says possum. ‘Talk to each other’, suggests koala. And the dingo completes the steps Woody needs to take to live happily with his family: ‘Learn to ask others how they feel’.

By putting all these pieces of advice together, Woody gains the courage to speak to his brothers and sisters, and learns that they didn’t mean to hurt his feelings after all. They thought he didn’t like them because he was always running away.

Set in the amazing scenery of the Australian bush, The Wobbly Wombat is a lovely story with an important message for those who feel a bit left out at times. It teaches primary school children how easily misunderstandings can occur, showing them how to think of others, learn to understand them and speak up for themselves.

The colourful illustrations add even more heart to the tale, giving a serious message a fun feeling that appeals to children.

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