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Thursday 1 July 2010

Review: Lucy the Lie Detector

Title: Lucy the Lie Detector

Author: Marianne Musgrove

Illustrator: Cheryl Orsini

Publisher: Random House, $14.95 RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781741664553

For ages: 7+

Type: Novel

About: The sequel to Lucy the Good, this is the story of Lucy van Loon’s dubious talent for getting herself into all sorts of trouble.

While playing their traffic police game, Lucy and her best friend Harriet realise they have forgotten to bring a camera – a most important tool for showing the police medals they are bound to be presented with to their worst enemy, Jacinta – so Lucy speeds home on her bike. Unfortunately, she forgets about the shiny new Toyota parked in the driveway and scratches the side. Her Mum and Dad will be furious. What is she to do?

Lucy decides to fix the scratch herself, but of course the damage is still noticeable and, when her Dad comes to ask her if she knows how it happened, she lies. It all turns pear-shaped very quickly, but even confessing and being punished doesn’t put Lucy off, with her lies continuing.

When she finally gets the message that the truth is best, she tells the truth in the wrong situation and her Dad is mad at her. Lucy is confused and then her tantrums and bad temper become her downfall.

Lucy the Lie Detector is a story about the harm lying can do, the way it makes you feel inside and the good that comes from telling the truth. There is a fine line between providing a positive message and being condescending, but Musgrove has stayed on the right side of the line in this lovely story that will have little girls laughing at the misadventures of Lucy van Loon.

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