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Monday 5 July 2010

Review: Lucy Zeezou's Glamour Game

The opening chapter, detailing the crushing rumours hitting Lucy’s family, sets the pace for this gripping story about a teenager who just wants to pursue her dreams.

Lucy’s father is accused of having a son with another woman. Her mother is devastated and Lucy is terrified that her once close-knit family is falling apart. On top of that, her friend Max has disappeared and when he returns a heap of new mysteries ensue, including the feelings Lucy has for him.

All she really wants to do is play football (soccer).

Lucy’s mother loves fashion and longs to see her daughter on the catwalk, living a glamorous life and sharing her passions. She also doesn’t want Lucy hanging around Max.

So what do you do if your mother disapproves of your dream?

The second instalment in the Lucy Zeezou series (which has enough detail about the first book to be read as a stand-alone novel) is an inspirational story for teenagers. Those who love sport will be able to immediately relate to Lucy, while those who are less athletic (my hand is raised at this point) will warm to the side of her that is so passionate about her dream.

What I love most about this story is that it focuses on the life of a teenaged girl without being full of angst and hatred for her parents, without absolute rebellion and going weak at the knees for a boy. Deep-Jones has given a realistic narrative of a girl’s experiences, describing Lucy’s feelings and tough moments with not a hint of squeezing her into a box labelled ‘Typical Modern Teenager’.

This is a strong girl with dreams, with a focus in life and a dedication to going places, and that is to be admired. The story is about following her as she finds her way to those places, with readers hoping that one day she will be part of the Matildas’ team.

A positive story for teenaged girls, Lucy Zeezou’s Glamour Game is highly recommended by Kids Book Review.

Watch this space for an insight into the writing life of Lucy Zeezou’s creator, Liz Deep-Jones!

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Title: Lucy Zeezou’s Glamour Game
Author: Liz Deep-Jones
Publisher: Random House, $17.95 RRP
Publication Date: 1 June 2010
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781864719734
For ages: Teenage
Type:Young adult fiction