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Tuesday 27 July 2010

Review: Princess Clown

Title: Princess Clown

Author: Sheryl Gwyther

Illustrator: Sian Nailor

Publisher: Blake Education, $9.95 RRP

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781741646481

For ages: 7

Type: Reader

Do you know how hard it is to write a school reader?? With so many specifications and an intensely tried and true format - how does an author create something original, fresh and fun for kids?

Well, prolific Aussie author Sheryl Gwyther makes it seem like a breeze (it's not!). In her latest, Princess Clown, we follow the shenanigans of a princess (no - don't groan yet!) who is far removed from any other princess you've known or will know (phew!) because she loves to, well - clown around.

I love princess Belle and kids will, too. Of course, it will never please the royal courts for a princess to be gadding about in a fuzzy orange wig under her tiara, but that's not all this feisty, fun princess gets up to. Magic tricks, swinging from chandeliers, clown shoes, juggling, the ubiquitous red clown nose... this delightful character will make kids giggle and keep them turning the pages to find out just what happens next.

When an important royal delegation arrives at the palace, Belle is pulled aside by her Dad and warned not to create a funny fuss. "But I really want to make people laugh," says Belle. The young princess accedes.

When Belle is introduced to the King of Danzania, however, Belle forgets about her trick ring, and when she shakes the distinguished man's hand, all hell breaks loose - much to the horror of the royal party. But will Belle's electrified faux pas be the best thing that ever happened to the palace?

Clever, witty, warm and fun - Gwyther has done it again. Readers weren't like this when I was a kid. Crammed with scrumptiously superlative descriptives, the narrative is breezy and beautifully written, and will certainly engage any seven-year-old, yes, even boys.

This book is part of Blake Education's Gigglers series.

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