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Thursday 22 July 2010

Review: Puggle's Problem

Little Pipp is different to the other echidnas. He doesn't have any spines, and if there's one thing that defines an echidna - it's his spines. When Pipp reveals to his mum how out of place he feels, Mum says typical mum-like stuff that basically translates to 'be patient, little one'.

Unsatisfied, Pipp heads off to ask his mates their advice on securing his spiny echidna coating, post-haste. Fluffy koala suggests gum leaves. Wombat advises a good dig in the dirt. Kangaroo recommends lots of hopping but still Pipp's spines don't come.

Trundling back to Mum for reassurance, the little echidna soon learns that patience isn't something that can be plucked from the ether - it's something inside you, something wise and strong and positive. Mum encourages Pipp to wait and perhaps his spines will appear sooner than he thinks - and of course, while his spikes are missing, he's just so delicious to hug!

With adorable illustrations by accomplished wildlife artist Sandra Temple, this story is a heartwarming way to teach children that being different is not only ok, it's sometimes temporary. It also shows kids that patience is not only a virtue, it's the spaces 'in between' that are often the most beautiful.

Title: Puggle's Problem
Author: Aleesah Darlison
Illustrator: Sandra Temple
Publisher: Wombat Books, $17.95 RRP
Format: Hard cover
ISBN: 9781921633072
For ages: 3 - 6
Type: Picture book