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Tuesday 13 July 2010

Review: Whirligig Books

Babies Love Books!

Title: Hide and Seek and Rock and Roll

Author: Kees Moerbeek

Illustrator: Carla Dijs

Publisher: Child's Play, $12.95RRP each

Format: Board book

ISBN: 9781846430831/ 9781846430824

For ages: 0-2

Type: Board Book

About: Babies love holes! Like seriously (think nostrils and ears and mouths and electrical outlets - ach!) so what better way to keep teensy fingers from straying than with this Whirligig range of books?

Not only does each page have a hole for a little finger, inserting that finger and moving it actually creates the illustrious experience of things moving. Rotating! Spinning. Oh the glory! Babies love this stuff!

Hide and Seek features all things hidey like a mouse behind cheese, a rabbit inside a hat, a chicken in an egg - what can baby find when the circle or shape is swirled away? Even I loved doing this!

Rock and Roll features movement at its most exciting - rocking horses and chairs, rides in the playground, a kitten twirling a ball of yarn.

Coupled with concise but fun text, these books are set to become a firm favourite. Even the front cover has a lovely large hole. Expect to see your toddler wandering the halls wearing these as a bracelet.

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