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Thursday 19 August 2010

CBCA Book of the Year Shortlist 2010 - Eve Pownall Award

The Eve Pownall Award is made to "outstanding books which have the prime intention of documenting factual material with consideration given to imaginative presentation, interpretation and variation of style." In other words, it goes to a fabulous line up of non-fiction information books. Here is a line up of the books in the running for this important award - winners announced tomorrow!

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Prehistoric Giants: The Megafauna of Australia

by Danielle Clode (Museum of Victoria)

Step back to a time when giant goannas and marsupial lions stalked the Australian bush. Imagine herds of two-tonne Diprotodon roaming the plains, and flocks of flightless ducks bigger than emus striding across the shallow inland sea. Prehistoric Giants, the second in the Museum Victoria Nature series, is a guide to the Australian megafauna of the Pleistocene—a time when humans shared the land with giants. Richly illustrated and brought to life by the art of Peter Trusler and others, Prehistoric Giants will reveal an Australia you’ve never seen before.

M is for Mates: Animals in Wartime from Ajax to Zep (Department of Veterans’ Affairs in association with the Australian War Memorial)

Animals in Wartime from Ajax to Zep. Without the service of animals many more Australians would have lost their lives during wartime. Find out more in this education book, filled with photographs and designed for primary students. Produced by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Large format, illustrated, 58 pages.

Australian Backyard Explorer

by Peter Macinnis (National Library of Australia)

Australian Backyard Explorer tells the story of the many intrepid individuals who explored the Australian continent in the first 120 years of European settlement. It includes little known explorers as well as the old favourites, such as James Cook, Edward John Eyre, Robert O’Hara Burke and William John Wills. There are tales not only of tragedy, conflict and death, but also of loyalty, amazing perseverance and wonder over the new animals and landscapes they encountered.

Polar Eyes: A Journey to Antarctica

Tanya Patrick (CSIRO)

Illustrated by Nicholas Hutcheson

Where do penguins go to dance? What is it like to sleep in an igloo? And have you ever wondered how ancient ice can be used as a time machine? Discover the answers and more in Polar Eyes, a new interactive children’s book about Antarctica from CSIRO. Polar Eyes illustrates author Tanya Patrick’s journey through the scenes and science of one of the most fascinating parts of the planet. Tanya travelled to Antarctica as a recipient of an Arts Fellowship Program from the Australian Antarctic Division.

Lost! A True Tale from the Bush

by Stephanie Owen Reeder (National Library of Australia)

How long do you think you would survive in the Australian bush in winter with no food and very little water? Almost 150 years ago, three young children found themselves in just such a predicament. Somehow they managed to keep going for over a week. During that time, they walked nearly 100 kilometres in a desperate bid to find their way home. Even after almost everybody else had given up, their father continued to search for them. Experience pioneer life in Australia in the 1860s as you join Isaac, Jane and Frankie on their remarkable journey.

Maralinga: The Anangu Story

by the Yalata & Oak Valley Communities with Christobel Mattingley (Allen & Unwin)

Maralinga - the Anangu Story is our story. We have told it for our children, our grandchildren and their children. We have told it for you.' In words and pictures Yalata and Oak Valley community members, with author Christobel Mattingley, describe what happened in the Maralinga Tjarutja lands of South Australia before the bombs and after.

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