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- author Jackie French

Tuesday 31 August 2010

Review: Baby Earth

Title: Baby Earth

Author: Michèle Petit-Jean

Illustrator: Eric Puybaret, Sung by Judy Collins

Publisher: Child’s Play, A$21.95RRP

Format: Hard cover with dust jacket

ISBN: 9780859539586

For ages: 5-10

Type: Picture Book

About: Want a book to give you goosebumps? A book to highlight the treasure that is our planet? A book that brings together and brilliantly illustrates the pot of melting culture that is our world? What about one that also throws in a dash of magic and a good scattering of archetypes, folklore, myth, mother nature and love love love love love?

This book is all about love. It’s about our beautiful baby earth – still such an infant in the grand scale of the universe. It’s about how she was born – crafted from wood and stone, air and water and fire and how all the other planets arrived to herald her birth.

Uncle Neptune appears and gives the newborn baby Earth the most magnificent gift of all things that swim