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Thursday 30 September 2010

Review: The Boy and the Toy

Title: The Boy and the Toy

Author: Sonya Hartnett

Illustrator: Lucia Masciullo

Publisher: Penguin, $24.95 RRP

Publication Date: May 2010

Format: Hard cover with dust jacket

ISBN: 9780670073627

For ages: 5+

Type: Picture book

About: When an inventor manages to build the best toy in the world, he gives it to his son. This toy, he promises, will be a companion to the boy while his father is away.

The boy is thrilled. This toy can do everything. It can follow instructions, play games, swim, do puzzles – everything.

Everything except play with other toys, that is. The boy is horrified when he wakes one morning to find this toy has destroyed all his other things, wanting the boy to play with it, and only it. And the toy is so focused on things just being between itself and the boy, it won’t even let him send a note to his father.

The boy must devise a plan to contact his father, and when he arrives home he takes a look at the toy. Something is missing, he discovers. Something important: this toy can never be a great friend. Instead, the boy’s father brings home a real friend.

This is an adorable story with a beautiful message about the importance of friends. Children are shown – and adults are reminded – that toys and gadgets have their place in the world, but that place is limited.

People need more than just toys.

The illustrations have a real classic feel to them, with colours that you feel you could melt into, and a touch of whimsy that is fun and irresistible.

This is a must for all book collections.

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