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Friday 10 September 2010

Review: Dingo's Dash and Whale Worries

Dingo’s Dash: These two young dingoes are up to no good, as usual. Despite their father’s warning about keeping out of trouble, the pair love nothing more than doing just that. They catch the scent of something inside a hollow log and one sticks his face in to find out what it is. He comes out in terrible pain; something has attacked him. Will this teach this couple of trouble-makers to stop sticking their noses where they don’t belong?
Whale Worries: The mother and baby whale are swimming happily together, when the calf decides to show his mum how far down underwater he can go. Down he goes, and his mother waits for him to surface. She waits and waits and, when she discovers the sharks circling around nearby, she begins to worry. But the whale calf is oblivious to it all, with his only concern being to show his mum how clever he is at holding his breath.

Just two of the dozens of picture books written by Johnson and photographed by Parish, these are amazing books. Each one focuses on a specific Australian animal and shares interesting facts with children, weaved into a fun fictional story. In these two stories, for example, kids learn about a dingo’s keen sense of smell and the whale’s skill of gliding and jumping in the ocean. The stories are simple, with important messages relevant to kids. A touch of humour makes them fun stories to read together, and the text is clear enough for early readers to become involved with. And the photography! If you’re not familiar with Steve Parish’s amazing wildlife photographs, you’re missing out. His is an extraordinary talent that has to be seen to be believed. Children love the bright, vivid colours and real-life images of their favourite animals, while adults will marvel at Parish’s skill as they read with their little ones. These are stories that every child will love. These books are available online: Dingo’s Dash Whale Worries Check out the rest of the series

Title: Dingo’s Dash / Whale Worries 
Author: Rebecca Johnson 
Photographer: Steve Parish 
Publisher: Steve Parish Publishing, $4.95 RRP each 
Format: Paperback 
ISBN9781740218177 / 9781741934274 
For ages: 3+ 
Type: Picture book