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Thursday 9 September 2010

Review: I Shall Wear Midnight

Title: I Shall Wear Midnight

Author: Terry Pratchett

Publisher: Random House, A$49.95RRP

Publication Date: 01/09/10

Format: Hard cover

ISBN: 9780385611077

For ages: 10-100

Type: Fantasy, Novel

About: Terry Pratchett doesn’t have a legion of fans for his Discworld series by accident. He is challenging and poetic and hilarious all at the same time, as well as being the skilful storyteller – tying several threads together around a central theme and keeping the reader entranced.

And this latest book for younger readers has all this and more. We follow the journey of a young witch, Tiffany, in the alternate world – a world where witches are still the norm, although feared more than revered.

But evil has been woken and Tiffany is the chosen one – she’s not happy about it but apparently she woke it so it lands in her lap to clean up her mess. Never fear – she is up to the task – and the journey she takes prepares her – in a real life, roundabout kind of way.

Pratchett’s characters, big and small, keep you amused, horrified and surprised and as with all magic, the surprises never end.

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