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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Review: The Life and Times of Gracie Faltrain

Gracie loves to play soccer, and her team is on the way to the Nationals. Life is great. Unfortunately, she’s about to learn that it isn’t always that way.

Her coach is dealing with complaints from all the boys on the team, wanting him to get rid of her, she has to deal with embarrassment when it comes to the boy of her dreams, her best friend is moving away and her home life is about to become a mess.

Crowley’s debut novel is not just another soccer story. Written from many different perspectives, with characters switching between narrative, speaking directly to the reader and, at times, to each other, it is a teenage novel with a difference.

The action is constant, making this a page-turner that young girls won’t be able to put down.

A great book for teenagers looking for a book that will make them laugh and give them both reassurance and something to think about.

Teaching notes

Title: The Life and Times of Gracie Faltrain
Author: Cath Crowley
Publisher: Pan Macmillan, $16.95 RRP
Publication Date: 2004
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780330364560
For ages: 13+
Type: Young Adult