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Tuesday 28 September 2010

Review: Time to Pee

Title: Time to Pee

Author/Illustrator: Mo Willems

Publisher: Walker Books, A$15.95RRP

Publication date: 01/06/2006

Format: Softcover

ISBN: 9781406301588

For ages: 2 - 5

Type: Picture Book

About: Okay. So you’re having a wee potty problem in your house. What better, then, than a highly instructional, perfectly laid-out, illustrated tome on the wherefores, whys and how-tos of potty-training?

That’s right – there’s no need to fret when ‘that feeling’ comes over you. No need to stress, no need to run. And for goodness sake, don’t ignore it. It’s all good. Everything is ok. You can do it. You can pee.

In Willems’ adorable instructional book, we meet a series of gorgeously-illustrated kids in various states of ‘holding on’ – who show us how big there are, and how clever they are – by marching down the hall to that illustrious bathroom.

And illustrious, it is. The scene of a toilet covered with the cutest gaggle of little mice, playing music, dancing, cavorting and otherwise celebrating the great porcelain potty, is just sensational, complete with a little red carpet and bowing mice, welcoming the peeing child to their throne.

The text is minimal and each word is announced with much fanfare in a series of signs, banners and coloured shapes, making easy-reading for both parents and children. Kids are treated to pictures of kids sitting and standing most confidently to pee (boys should stand and girls should sit).

There are plenty of reminders – don’t forget to use toilet paper and flush (though I take exception to the flush occurring with an open toilet lid! ugh!), wash your hands – and most importantly of all – get back to playing.

The back of this book features a sticker sheet with those super cute mice and lots of encouragement (including a Better Luck Next Time!) for little ones who achieve their bathroom objectives.

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