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Monday 4 October 2010

Bibliography: Alison Lester

This post marks the beginning of our very special two-day Behind the Books feature with Australian author/illustrator Alison Lester. This list is heaven for any picture book lover. Just click on a picture for more details of the book. Enjoy! and stay tuned for several book reviews and an interview with Alison Lester...

Thing (written by Robin Klein) (1982)

Thingnapped! (written by Robin Klein) (1984)
Clive Eats Alligators (1985)
Rosie Sips Spiders (1988)
The Journey Home (1989)
Happy and Sad (1989)
Crashing and Splashing (1989)
Bumping and Bouncing (1989)
Bibs and Boots (1989)
Magic Beach (1990)
Imagine (1990)
Tessa Snaps Snakes (1990)
Isabella's Bed (1991)
I'm Green and I'm Grumpy (1993)
Yikes! In Seven Adventures, Who Would You Be? (1993)
When Frank Was Four (1994)
Who's That Knocking? (1993)
My Farm (1994)
Ruby (1996)
Alison Lester's ABC (1996)
Celeste Sails to Spain (1997)

The Quicksand Pony (1997)
Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo (2000)
The Snow Pony (2001)

Are We There Yet? (2004)

Bonnie and Sam: The Shadow Brumby (illustrated by Roland Harvey) (2007)
Bonnie and Sam: The Circus Pony (illustrated by Roland Harvey) (2007)
Moo: Talk to the Farm Animals (2007)
Purr: Talk to the Pet Animals (2007)
Roar: Talk to the Wild Animals (2007)
Bonnie and Sam: Racing the Tide (illustrated by Roland Harvey) (2008)
Bonnie and Sam: Saving Mr Pinto (illustrated by Roland Harvey) (2008)

Running With the Horses (2009)
Noni the Pony (2010)